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Cut Status Check Online | CUT Application Status | Check Your CUT Status Online

If you applied to the Central University of Technology, you will be excited to hear if your application was accepted! In this article, we look at the CUT status check and explain the different status codes.

Cut Status Check Online | CUT Application Status | Check Your CUT Status Online

Central University of Technology (CUT) is the leading higher education institution in South Africa’s heartland. Central University of Technology has two campuses, one in Bloemfontein, South Africa’s judicial capital, and another in Welkom, the Free State’s goldfields.

 A few of the technological subjects offered at the two campuses include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); management sciences; humanities; and education.

Cut Status Check Online in 2023

Cut Status Check 2023-2024

After applying to Central University of Technology (CUT), follow these steps to check/track your application status:

Step 1: Visit the Official website of (CUT) Central University of Technology

Step 2: Enter “ID Number or Passport Number

Step 3: After Enter the Detail and click on “Check” button

Step 4: Finally you will see your current application status

Cut Status Check Using ID

Cut Status check using id number just simple and follow these steps to check easily your status.

  • Visit the official website of CUT
  • Enter your ID number in the provided box
  • Click on check button
  • You will see your current status.

Apply Cut Online Application

Central University of Technology (CUT) offers an online application process for prospective students. Here are some key points to consider before applying online:

Email Address Requirement: To complete the online application, you must have a valid email address. If you don’t already have one, it’s essential to create an email address before starting the application process. An email address is necessary for communication and updates regarding your application.

User Registration: Before you can begin the online application, you need to register as a user on the CUT website. This registration step is typically straightforward and involves providing some basic personal information to create an account. Once registered, you can access and complete the application form.

Completing the Application Form: When applying online, it’s crucial to fill out the application form thoroughly and accurately. Incomplete or incorrect information could lead to delays in the processing of your application. Take your time to provide all required details and double-check your entries to ensure accuracy.

Application Status: After submitting your online application, it’s essential to monitor its status. CUT provides a designated application status portal where you can check the progress of your application. It’s advisable to wait for approximately 4 to 6 weeks before checking your application status. Processing times may vary, so patience is key.

Additional Information: If you have any further questions or need more information about the online application process at Central University of Technology, you can reach out to CUT’s official sources. They may have additional resources or support services available to assist applicants.

How To Apply Online

The application process at CUT involves several steps:

User Registration: As mentioned earlier, you must first register as a user on the CUT website.

Completing the Application: After registering, you can access the online application form and fill it out. Make sure to provide all required information accurately.

Submission: Once you’ve completed the application form, submit it through the online portal.

Application Status: As mentioned earlier, you can check the status of your application using the CUT application status portal.

Apply Now

Application Process for Central University of Technology (CUT) Using a Hardcopy Application

If you are interested in applying to the Central University of Technology (CUT) using a hardcopy application, there are several important steps and considerations to keep in mind:

Application Period: The application period for 2020 typically opens in May or June and closes at the end of August. However, it’s important to note that the specific dates may vary, so it’s advisable to check for updates (TBC – To Be Confirmed).

Patience Required: Submitting a hardcopy application may take longer to process compared to an online application. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to be patient during the processing period.

Document Preparation: When filling out the hardcopy application form, make sure to attach all the relevant documents required for your application. This typically includes your academic records, certificates, and any other requested documents.

Application Fee: To complete your application, you will need to pay an application fee of R100 (South African Rand). If you are using a hardcopy application form, you must also attach the deposit slip as proof of payment.

Application Submission: You can send your completed hardcopy application form and accompanying documents to the following address:

  • Bloemfontein
  • Private Bag X20539
  • Bloemfontein

Document Certification: It’s important to ensure that all the documents you submit are certified copies of the original documents. This means that a qualified authority has verified that these copies are true and accurate representations of the original documents.

Academic Results: You must include your latest academic results with your application. Specifically, your grade 11 and 12 examination results should be included.

Transferring Students: If you are a transferring student, you need to submit all your transcripts and academic records from your previous institutions as soon as possible. Additionally, a final transcript of your current studies should reach CUT as early as possible.

Selection Tests: Depending on your chosen program and the university’s requirements, you may be required to take a selection test. If this is the case, the institution will contact you to provide details about the test. Make sure to find out about the specific requirements for your chosen program.

Additional Information: For more details about admission requirements and other questions you may have, it’s recommended to explore further information about the admission process on the Central University of Technology’s official website or contact their admissions department.

Admission Requirements

Contact Information for Central University of Technology (CUT)

If you’re interested in applying to the Central University of Technology (CUT) or need more information, you have two main options:

Website Visit:

To explore detailed application procedures, program information, and other relevant details, you can visit the official CUT website. University websites typically provide comprehensive information about admission requirements, application deadlines, available programs, and much more. This is a valuable resource for prospective students.

Contacting the CUT Admissions Department:

If you have specific questions or need personalized assistance with your application, you can get in touch with the CUT Admissions Department using the following contact details:

Email: You can send an email to This is a convenient way to ask questions, seek clarification, or request assistance related to your application. Make sure to provide your full name and any relevant application details in your email for a prompt response.

Telephone: You can call the Admissions Department at the provided telephone number: (+27) 51 507 3725. Speaking directly to a university representative can be helpful for getting quick responses to your queries or discussing any concerns you may have about the application process.

Cut Status Application Code & Meaning 2023

I can provide an explanation for each of the CUT Online Status Codes and any recommended actions associated with them

Status Code Meaning
A Selected for the instructional programme (senior students)
AT Academic transcript or previous qualification outstanding
B HESA/SAQA outstanding
C Canceled Application
DE Application Deferred and will be re-evaluated after Grade 12 results
D Instructional programme: No decision – Senior students
E Conditionally Accepted postgrad – pending prerequisite qualification
G Admission for the instructional programme (new students – ALL campuses)
H Admitted based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
I Instructional programme waiting list (selection test required: interview)
K Not selected for the instructional programme: No prerequisite subjects
L Instructional programme waiting list (selection test; no interview)
N Instructional programme: No decision – New students
O Instructional programme: No decision – After the closing date
P Not selected for the instructional programme: Failed final selection
PF Programme Full
Q Provisional acceptance for the instructional programme (new students – ALL campuses)
T Instructional programme (Provisionally accepted International)
NB Selection requirements met but need to comply for permit, passport, and medical aid
U Results outstanding
W Instructional programme: Waitlisted Students
X Unsuccessful for the instructional programme: Insufficient marks
Z Not selected for the instructional programme (choice)
5 Prospective students: Selection for Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP)
8 Prospective students: Selection for PGCE
EP Postgrad application pending HOD’s review
TE Awaiting Teaching Experience (Higher Education teaching experience required)
AR Your Application has been received.
OD Required Documents have not been uploaded.



Q1) How can I check my status in CUT?

Ans:- Folloew these steps to check cut status

  • Visit the official website of CUT
  • Enter your ID number in the provided box
  • Click on check button
  • You will see your current status. Visit the NSFA login page to check the status of your application

Q2) How long does CUT take to respond to applications?

Ans:- Please allow 6-8 weeks for feedback after submitting your application. Check the status of your application online.

Q3) What does previous year application withdrawn mean at CUT?

Ans:- Your previous year application has been withdrawn because you did not register with CUT for the current academic year, so you must reapply.


We hope all confusion is clear about Cut Status check online. If you have any problem to check Cut Status please leave comment your problem in comment section. Thank You