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3D-Printed Medical Solutions| Central University of Technology Breakthrough



3D-Printed Medical Solutions| Central University of Technology Breakthrough

3D-Printed Medical Solutions| Central University of Technology Breakthrough. In 2012, Princess Moshoane life took a tragic turn when she faced a life-threatening situation. Her journey from that moment to finding hope again encapsulates the transformative power of technology and human resilience.

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A Traumatic Incident Leads to a New Beginning

The night of the incident, Princess Moshoane encountered unimaginable horror. Attacked by hijackers, she fled in panic, only to be struck by a bullet that shattered her jaws and robbed her of her smile. The aftermath left her physically and emotionally scarred, her confidence shattered, and her dreams seemingly out of reach.

The Promise of 3D Printing in Medicine

The collaboration between the Central University of Technology (CUT), Electro Optical Systems (EOS), and the Carl and Emily Fuchs Foundation heralded a new dawn for Moshoane and others like her. Their innovative approach to additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, offered a glimmer of hope where traditional methods fell short.

Unveiling the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

Unlike conventional printers, additive manufacturing brings digital designs to life, layer by layer, offering unparalleled precision and customization. While its applications span various industries, its impact on medicine is particularly noteworthy. From artificial limbs to facial reconstructions, the possibilities are endless.

CUT Pioneering Role in Medical Advancements

At the heart of this groundbreaking work is CUT’s Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM), a hub of innovation since its inception in 1997. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, CRPM has become a beacon of hope for patients facing complex medical challenges.

Restoring Lives, One Print at a Time

Luan Adams, another beneficiary of CUT’s pioneering efforts, found solace in the form of a reconstructed nose and face. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, he regained not only his physical appearance but also his dignity and hope for the future.

A Collaborative Effort for a Brighter Future

The partnership between CUT and various stakeholders, including government bodies and industry associations, underscores a collective commitment to advancing medical technology in South Africa. Initiatives like MedAdd exemplify this synergy, offering innovative solutions to improve healthcare outcomes nationwide.

Beyond Medicine| Empowering Industries with Technology

The ripple effects of CUT’s research extend far beyond the realm of medicine. From rapid tooling to precision tool manufacturing, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing industries and driving economic growth. Its potential for job creation and market competitiveness is undeniable.


In the face of adversity, Princess Moshoane and Luan Adams found hope through innovation. Their stories, intertwined with the pioneering work of CUT, serve as a testament to the transformative power of technology and human perseverance. As CUT continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, a future where dreams become reality is within reach for countless others like them.

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