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Application for accommodation online at CUT 2023 Tshwane University of Technology



Application for accommodation online at CUT 2023 Tshwane University of Technology

Application for accommodation online at CUT 2023 Tshwane University of Technology. Securing quality accommodation is crucial for students at Central University of Technology (CUT), contributing positively to academic experiences and fostering a vibrant campus community.

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Residential Management at CUT

Dedicated Residence Managers, supported by Wardens and Sub-wardens, manage the residential experience at CUT, ensuring a conducive living and learning environment for all students.

Residence Life Objectives

CUT emphasizes academic support, study groups, community involvement, and social responsibility. Residence life objectives aim to create a supportive and engaged learning community.

Contact Information

Contact details for female and co-ed residences are provided for students seeking accommodation, promoting easy communication and access to housing options.

Residence Application Instructions

The application process is outlined, including important dates, ranking criteria, space limitations, and boarding fees. It emphasizes the need for timely submissions and covers the accommodation period.

Residence Application Process

Applications are exclusively online, and a step-by-step guide is available for reference. The importance of adhering to the outlined procedures is emphasized.

External Accommodation Advisory

CUT provides advisory on external, privately-owned accommodations, guiding students on inspection, security, and cost considerations.

On-Campus Accommodation During Academic Recesses

CUT offers on-campus accommodation during academic recesses, providing facilities for visitors attending conferences or school groups, ensuring a secure and convenient stay.

Residential Options for CUT Scholars

Detailed information on on-campus living quarters, including female, male, and co-ed residences, is provided to assist scholars in making informed housing choices.

Off-Campus Housing Choices

For those seeking off-campus options, detailed information on convenient residences for both male and female students is provided, along with tailored options for sports students.

Residence Application Procedure

Clear instructions are given for applying to on-campus residences, emphasizing deadlines and the official channels for submission.

Alternative Accommodation Resources

Students are guided to alternative accommodation resources like DigsConnect and online classifieds, ensuring a comprehensive search for suitable living spaces.


Choosing the right accommodation is emphasized as pivotal for a seamless university life, blending comfort with convenience and enhancing the overall academic journey at CUT.

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