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Central University of Technology Welkom Campus Expansion Project



Central University of Technology Welkom Campus Expansion Project

The Central University of Technology (CUT) is undergoing a significant expansion project at its Welkom Campus. The project aims to construct various buildings and upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the university’s growth.

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Groundbreaking Ceremony and New Research Centre

CUT recently held a ground-breaking ceremony for a new research centre dedicated to sustainable technologies. This initiative aligns with the university’s goal of fostering innovation, research, and sustainable development.

New Residence for Students

One of the key components of the expansion project is the construction of a new residence. This double-storey building will feature 16 family units, providing much-needed accommodation for 221 students. This is a significant development as the Welkom Campus did not have student residences until 2017.

Other Building Projects

The expansion project also includes the construction of various other buildings, such as a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 910, a Teacher Education building with laboratories, lecture halls, and office spaces. These buildings are essential for providing students with a world-class academic and residential experience.

Community Benefits

The expansion project is not only beneficial for the university but also for the Matjhabeng Municipality and the local community. The project is expected to improve the municipality’s infrastructure and attract investors to the area. Additionally, the project will create employment opportunities and promote skills development in the community.

FAQS: Central University of Technology Welkom Campus Expansion Project

Q1:When will the expansion project be completed?

Ans: The project is expected to be completed in stages, with various buildings scheduled for completion over the next few years.

Q2: How will the expansion project benefit students?

Ans: The project will provide much-needed student accommodation, as well as state-of-the-art facilities for academic and recreational purposes.

Q3: What is the impact of the expansion project on the community?

Ans: The project will create employment opportunities, promote skills development, and improve the overall infrastructure of the Matjhabeng Municipality.


The Central University of Technology Welkom Campus Expansion Project is a significant milestone for the university and the community. It demonstrates CUT’s commitment to academic excellence, research, and sustainable development, while also benefiting the local community through infrastructure development and economic growth.

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