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Current CUT Students in 2024



Current CUT Students in 2024

Current CUT Students in 2024. The Student Portal at CUT offers a comprehensive array of resources and services to enhance the academic journey of its students.

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Available Resources and Services

  • Class Timetable: Access your class schedule conveniently.
  • Assessments: View exam timetables, results, progress reports, course marks, practical marks, and information on re-assessments.
  • Past Exam Papers: Access previous exam papers for study purposes.
  • Financial Statement: Check your financial status and transactions.
  • Self Service Platform: Access e-forms for various purposes like subject cancellations, recognition, suspension of studies, and applying for student laptops.
  • Password Management: Manage your account password and security settings.
  • Avatar: Customize your profile for personalization.

Additional Features

  • Calendars 2023: Stay updated with academic and student-specific calendars, including rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Microsoft Authentication APP: Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for enhanced security on iEnabler.
  • Wi-Fi, Username, Password, and E-mail Setup: Guidelines and tutorials for setting up essential accounts and services.
  • Assessment Guidance: Information on assessment dates, rules, and regulations, along with program-specific evaluation criteria.
  • Programs on Campus: Resources for academic support, including teaching and learning innovations, supplemental instruction, disability support, and writing assistance.
  • Student Services: A range of support services covering assessment, graduation, career guidance, financial matters, governance, library access, sports facilities, accommodation, wellness, and support for issues like sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

FAQS: Current CUT Students in 2024

Q1: How do I access my class timetable on the Student Portal?

Ans: To access your class timetable, log in to the Student Portal using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the “Class Timetable” section, where you can view your schedule for the current semester.

Q2: What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and how do I set it up for iEnabler?

Ans:Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a unique verification code, in addition to your password, for login. To set up 2FA for iEnabler, follow the prompts when logging in to activate it. You’ll receive a verification code on your phone for each login attempt.

Q3:How do I reset my password for the Student Portal or eThuto e-Learning system?

Ans: If you need to reset your password for the Student Portal or eThuto e-Learning system, follow these steps:

  • For new students: Watch the how-to video on registering your password.
  • For senior students: Watch the how-to video on resetting your password.
  • If you encounter difficulties with eThuto login, refer to the troubleshooting video for assistance.
  • Additionally, if your email is hosted on Outlook as part of Office 365, download the setup guide for username, password, and email configuration.


The CUT Student Portal offers a user-friendly interface and a wealth of resources to facilitate academic success and student well-being. From managing schedules to accessing support services, it serves as a central hub for all student-related needs.

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