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CUT 5th Annual Transformation Summit| Fostering Inclusive Innovation



CUT 5th Annual Transformation Summit| Fostering Inclusive Innovation

CUT 5th Annual Transformation Summit| Fostering Inclusive Innovation: Fostering Inclusive Innovation.The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), hosted its 5th Annual Transformation Summit, focusing on fostering an inclusive and sustainable institution through innovation. Key figures, including Prof. Pamela Dube, Prof. Inger Mokkelbost Haug, and Dr. Sally Dzingwa, addressed critical aspects of transformation in higher education.

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Transformation Agenda| Prof. Pamela Dube Perspective

Prof. Pamela Dube, CUT Vice-chancellor and Principal, emphasized the imperative of innovation in addressing contemporary challenges in higher education. She outlined three key pillars: inclusive economic growth, representation in STEM fields, and contextual responsiveness in teaching and learning.

Keynote Address| Prof. Inger Mokkelbost Haug

Prof. Inger Mokkelbost Haug, renowned scholar and educator, delivered a keynote speech on building an inclusive and sustainable institution through innovation and dialogue. Drawing from her academic journey and experiences, she underscored the transformative power of dialogue and the importance of trust-building in fostering meaningful change.

Dialogue for Transformation| Insights and Reflections

Prof. Haug emphasized the necessity of repeated dialogues and celebration of small victories in the transformative process. She highlighted the significance of patience, trust, and acknowledgment of incremental progress in achieving long-term goals.

Summit Discussions and Outcomes

The summit provided a platform for the CUT community to assess progress and challenges in institutional transformation. Topics ranged from research and curriculum development to policy direction, reflecting a comprehensive approach to fostering innovation and inclusivity.


The 5th Annual Transformation Summit at CUT underscored the vital role of innovation and dialogue in building an inclusive and sustainable future for higher education. Insights shared by key speakers highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts and incremental progress in achieving transformative goals.

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