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CUT APS Score Calculation



CUT APS Score Calculation

CUT APS Score Calculation.So, you are eager to join the Central University of Technology (CUT)? One vital aspect to grasp before submitting your application is the Admission Point Score (APS).

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CUT Unique APS Calculation

To qualify for a specific program at CUT, applicants must either meet the minimum APS or fall within the testing band. Points are assigned for each matric subject based on CUT’s APS table.

Calculating Your APS

Your APS is determined by adding the points for each matric subject according to CUT’s APS table. Notably, Life Orientation contributes only 1 point, regardless of your achievement level. The total APS is the sum of points from all subjects.

Striving for Excellence

It’s crucial to recognize that meeting the minimum requirement might not guarantee admission to your desired degree program. Strive for the highest marks possible to enhance your chances.


Understanding CUT’s APS calculation is essential for aspiring students. Remember, the APS varies across institutions, underscoring the need to excel academically. Invest effort into achieving the best APS score for your academic journey.

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