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CUT Celebrates Leonard Thuto Birthday



CUT Celebrates Leonard Thuto Birthday

CUT Celebrates Leonard Thuto Birthday.In February, we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the renowned CUT sculpture, Leonard Thuto, positioned prominently at the Park Road entrance of the Bloemfontein Campus. This 2-ton masterpiece, introduced to the university in 2014, was designed to infuse vibrancy, foster a world-class campus environment, and instill pride and color into campus life.

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Leonard Thuto| The Symbol of Education

Named after its purpose, Leonard Thuto symbolizes ‘education.’ Serving as both a teacher and a scholar, Thuto embodies the dual roles of staff and student. Crafted by the skilled artist Uwe Pfaff, the sculpture stands as a testament to the fusion of academia and art.

Inspiration from Vitruvian Man

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the sculpture, according to Pfaff, evolved from a figure with four arms and four legs to a liberated man with two arms and two legs. This transformation, symbolizing freedom of movement and soul, imparts a unique essence to Leonard Thuto.

The Aesthetics Cluster Initiative

Conceived by the Aesthetics Cluster, led by Ms. Jeannet Molopyane, the librarian at the time, Leonard Thuto was officially installed on February 21, 2014. The jubilant pose, holding a scroll, serves as a visual inspiration for students, encouraging them to aspire for innovation, excellence, triumph, and success.


As February, the month of love, unfolds, let’s celebrate Leonard Thuto’s birthday by acknowledging its decade-long presence as a constant source of inspiration. This sculpture not only enhances the aesthetics of the campus but also serves as a reminder to strive for excellence and success. Show Leonard some love and respect this February.

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