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CUT Dr Leana Esterhuizen Wears Many Hats



CUT Dr Leana Esterhuizen Wears Many Hats

CUT Dr Leana Esterhuizen Wears Many Hats. Dr. Leana Esterhuizen, an alumna of CUT is a remarkable individual who excels in multiple spheres. Her journey includes notable achievements in academia, athletics, and leadership roles within various organizations.

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Academic and Professional Achievements

Dr. Esterhuizen career at CUT began in 2005 as a lecturer’s assistant, eventually becoming a lecturer in 2009. She pursued further studies, earning her DTech in Environmental Health in 2015. Her doctoral research focused on assessing groundwater quality in the Mangaung area, leading to collaborations with the Free State Department of Water and Sanitation.

Throughout her career, Dr. Esterhuizen has been involved in various projects and committees, showcasing her commitment to environmental health and water management. She has also been actively engaged in mentoring programs, emphasizing her dedication to nurturing young talent in the field.

Athletic Pursuits

Beyond academia, Dr. Esterhuizen is an avid athlete, participating in events like the Ironman race and the Comrades Marathon. Her involvement in sports reflects her passion for physical fitness and personal challenges.

Leadership and Community Engagement

Dr. Esterhuizen leadership extends beyond academia and sports. She has served on several committees and associations, including the Free State Modern Pentathlon Association and the South African Modern Pentathlon Association. Her involvement highlights her commitment to community engagement and sports management.

FAQS: CUT Dr Leana Esterhuizen Wears Many Hats

Q1: What are Dr. Leana Esterhuizen key roles?

Ans: Dr. Esterhuizen is an academic, athlete, and leader in various corporate bodies, showcasing her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Q2: What is Dr. Esterhuizen academic background?

Ans: She graduated from CUT pursued a DTech in Environmental Health, and is actively involved in research and mentoring programs.

Q3: How does Dr. Esterhuizen contribute to sports?

Ans: She participates in events like the Ironman race and the Comrades Marathon, reflecting her passion for athletics and personal challenges.


In conclusion, Dr. Leana Esterhuizen is a woman of many talents, excelling in academia, athletics, and leadership roles. Her dedication to her profession, coupled with her passion for sports and community engagement, sets her apart as a multifaceted professional making significant contributions to society.

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