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CUT Equips Unemployed Nemisa Graduates With Life-Changing Technology Skills



CUT Equips Unemployed Nemisa Graduates With Life-Changing Technology Skills

CUT Equips Unemployed Nemisa Graduates With Life-Changing Technology Skills. The inaugural cohort of unemployed NEMISA graduates, trained in partnership with CUT and other entities, celebrates the acquisition of transformative technological skills. The ceremony signifies a pivotal moment in the journey of these individuals towards economic empowerment.

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Digital Skills Training Success

Collaborative efforts between CUT, NEMISA, provincial government, VUT, and HCLS culminated in the graduation of 27 individuals from the cell phone repair program. Commencing their training in June, the graduates underwent a comprehensive curriculum encompassing digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and practical skills essential for business ownership.

Key Participants and Remarks

Dignitaries including Prof. Alfred Ngowi, Mr. Trevor Rammitlwa, Mr. Thabo Meeko, and others emphasized the significance of initiatives like these in fostering economic growth and addressing unemployment challenges. NEMISA CEO, Mr. Rammitlwa, underscored the importance of self-reliance and continuous learning in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Encouragement and Future Prospects

MEC Thabo Meeko highlighted the critical role of digital skills in economic advancement and urged proactive measures in supporting SMMEs. Graduates were encouraged to explore further opportunities offered by NEMISA and consider avenues for skill expansion, including digital media, graphic design, and content production.

FAQS: CUT Equips Unemployed Nemisa Graduates With Life-Changing Technology Skills

Q1: What is NEMISA?

Ans: National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa equips unemployed youth with digital skills to enhance employment prospects and contribute to the country’s economy.

Q2: What programs does NEMISA offer?

Ans: NEMISA offers training in digital media, graphic design, content production, and radio production, aiming to empower individuals for the digital age job market.

Q3:How does NEMISA collaborate with institutions?

Ans: NEMISA collaborates with institutions like CUT and VUT to provide digital skills training, fostering partnerships for societal empowerment and economic growth.


The collaboration between academic institutions, government bodies, and industry partners exemplifies a concerted effort towards equipping the youth with indispensable skills for the digital age. As NEMISA expands its reach, the vision of empowering individuals to become self-sufficient contributors to the economy remains steadfast. Through continuous learning and adaptation, these graduates are poised to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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