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CUT Graduates Turn Disability Into Achievement



CUT Graduates Turn Disability Into Achievement

CUT Graduates Turn Disability Into Achievement. Mojela Isaac Vena and Mbulelo Lee-John Boko, recent graduates of the Central University of Technology (CUT), have defied the odds by turning their disabilities into remarkable achievements. Despite facing life-changing accidents that left them wheelchair-bound, they have successfully completed their studies and received their qualifications.

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Mojela Isaac Vena Triumph

Mojela Isaac Vena journey at CUT began in 2008. However, in 2013, an accident resulted in the loss of his total mobility. Determined not to let this setback define him, Mojela decided to return to CUT in 2024 to complete his studies. Despite facing challenges, such as non-functional elevators hindering his movement around campus, Mojela persevered.

His message to others facing adversity is clear: “Do not let your situation determine your destination or hinder you from achieving your dreams.”

Mbulelo Lee-John Boko Resilience

Mbulelo Lee-John Boko story is equally inspiring. He enrolled at CUT in 2012 with dreams of graduating in 2024. However, a car accident during his final year left him wheelchair-bound and delayed his graduation. Despite these challenges, Mbulelo remained patient and determined. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to graduate, saying, “Life threw me many curve balls, but through hard work, determination, and patience, I made it.”

Overcoming Adversity

Both Mojela Isaac Vena and Mbulelo Lee-John Boko encountered tragic accidents on separate occasions, resulting in the loss of mobility. Yet, as they rolled onto the Boet Troskie Hall stage during the 2019 Autumn Graduations, they showcased their indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve.

A Testimony of Tenacity

Reflecting on his journey, Mbulelo Lee-John Boko acknowledged the challenges he encountered at CUT. Despite a setback in his final year due to a car accident, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of education. “Life threw me many curve balls,” he remarked, “but through hard work, determination, and patience, I made it.”

CUT Celebrating Success

The momentous occasion of receiving their qualifications was not just a personal victory but a testament to their unwavering commitment. As they stood on stage, emotions ran high, underscoring the magnitude of their achievement.


Mojela Isaac Vena and Mbulelo Lee-John Boko journey from adversity to accomplishment is a beacon of hope, proving that with resilience and determination, any obstacle can be overcome.

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