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CUT Herman Mashaba Lecture Discusses Academic Institutions Evolving Entrepreneurship Landscape



CUT Herman Mashaba Lecture Discusses Academic Institutions Evolving Entrepreneurship Landscape

CUT Herman Mashaba Lecture Discusses Academic Institutions Evolving Entrepreneurship Landscape.The Faculty of Management Sciences at the Central University of Technology (CUT) recently hosted their annual Herman Mashaba Public Lecture, featuring Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann, Rector of MCI The Entrepreneurial School in Innsbruck, Austria. This prestigious event aimed to explore the dynamic changes in entrepreneurship within academic settings.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann Profile

Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann, a renowned Austrian economist, has been the Rector of MCI The Entrepreneurial School since 2012. He is also an Honorary Professor at the University of Innsbruck and has a rich professional background in economics and management.

Emphasizing Entrepreneurial Skills at CUT

In her opening remarks, Professor Pamela Dube, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of CUT, highlighted the university’s commitment to equipping graduates with essential entrepreneurial skills. She emphasized providing students with opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge and capabilities.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann Lecture: “Let Talk Innovation”

Prof. Dr. Andreas’s lecture, titled “Let’s Talk Innovation,” focused on the innovative efforts of MCI and its commitment to exceeding academic expectations. He shared insights on innovation and its role in the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship within academic institutions.

Evolution of Universities Role in Knowledge Production

Prof. Dr. Andreas discussed how universities’ traditional role has evolved from knowledge accumulation to knowledge distribution and creation. He emphasized the importance of universities engaging in applied research and developing tangible products, leading to a greater emphasis on innovation.

The Impact of Entrepreneurial Universities

Highlighting the multifaceted impact of entrepreneurial universities, Prof. Dr. Andreas emphasized their role in producing successful entrepreneurs and engaged citizens. He noted that universities play a crucial role in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal development.


In conclusion, Prof. Dr. Andreas emphasized that universities’ evolution towards entrepreneurship signifies their progressive role in fostering innovation and societal development. He highlighted the importance of universities generating new knowledge and creating tangible outcomes that benefit society.

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