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CUT Incredible Women



CUT Incredible Women

CUT Incredible Women. Despite progress, women remain underrepresented in senior leadership roles across various sectors. The Central University of Technology (CUT) recognizes this disparity and has implemented initiatives to cultivate female leaders.

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CUT Empowering Female Leaders

CUT has invested significantly in programs to promote gender equality and empower women for leadership positions. These efforts include:

  1. Stars of Academia and Research : A fellowship program supporting postgraduate studies.
  2. Grow-Your-Own-Timber Strategy: Launched in 2010, aimed at increasing the number of young outstanding black female academics, particularly in scarce and critical skills.
  3. Next Generation Women in Leadership: Introduced three years ago to develop future leaders by establishing a pool of high-performing women employees and providing them with necessary skills and support.

Prof. Pamela Dube A Trailblazer

In February, Prof. Pamela Dube became CUT first female Vice-Chancellor. She advocates for unapologetic celebration of women’s achievements.


Women  Month is a time to reflect on progress and challenges in gender transformation. CUT remains committed to developing and empowering its women staff and students.

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