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CUT Part-Time Lecturer X8 (Semester 2) Pretoria West Campus



CUT Part-Time Lecturer X8 (Semester 2) Pretoria West Campus

CUT Part-Time Lecturer X8 (Semester 2) Pretoria West Campus. The lecture format at CUT may vary between face-to-face, remote, or hybrid modes. Facilitation and assessment methods are subject to sudden changes. Lecturers must possess a personal laptop.

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Expectations for Lecturers

Successful applicants are obligated to conduct lectures on the designated CUT campus. Availability during scheduled class hours, which may extend to both day and evening, is mandatory.

Technology Requirement

Lecturers are expected to possess their own laptop computers, emphasizing the importance of personal technological resources in the teaching environment.

Flexibility in Teaching

The dynamic nature of lecture formats and assessment methods necessitates adaptability, as changes can occur on short notice. This demands a versatile approach to teaching and assessment strategies.


CUT lecture environment embraces flexibility, technology integration, and adaptability. Lecturers must be equipped with personal laptops and remain prepared for potential changes in teaching methods.

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