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CUT Prof. Makola Releases 70 Women and One Man



CUT Prof. Makola Releases 70 Women and One Man

CUT Prof. Makola Releases 70 Women and One Man. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) Welkom Campus Director, Prof. Solomon Makola, has recently launched his third book titled ’70 Women and One Man’. This new work by Prof. Makola has been described as relevant, inspirational, and healing, following the success of his two academic books, ‘Find meaning, stop wondering’ and ‘Pimp the pain’.

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Women Month Celebration

This year, Women Month is celebrated under the theme: ‘The Year of Charlotte Maxeke: Generation Equality: Realizing Women Rights for an Equal Future’. The launch of ’70 Women and One Man’ is particularly fitting as it details Prof. Makola experiences with women and how they have contributed to and affected his life.

Divine Narratives

In this book, Prof. Makola shares divine narratives about seventy significant women he has met on his journey to discover the ultimate meaning of life. He integrates humanity (human spirit) with divinity (holy spirit), offering a unique perspective on life’s purpose and the impact of meaningful relationships.

Book Launch

The book was officially launched by CUT Library and Information Services, highlighting its importance and relevance within the academic community and beyond.

Inspirational Origin

The inspiration for ’70 Women and One Man’ came after Prof. Makola received an invitation to address a women’s seminar in Welkom in 2012. He shared, “I was pondering what to say to them when God deposited a vision in my heart to talk to them about significant women in my life.”

Tribute to Mentorship

Prof. Makola also pays tribute to Archbishop Daniel Legoabe, who mentored him and inspired him to write books. “All of this happened because there was one man who believed in me, nurtured me physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” Prof. Makola stated.


CUT Chancellor, Madam Justice Mahube Molemela, who is one of the seventy women featured in the book, praised Prof. Makola’s acknowledgment of the influence of women in his life. She highlighted the importance of recognizing the role played by women in society and the power of meaningful conversations.


’70 Women and One Man’ is not just a book; it is a testament to the impact of women in shaping individuals’ lives. Prof. Makola’s journey and his tribute to significant women serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the power of relationships and the quest for meaning in life.

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