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CUT Provides Innovation Services.



CUT Provides Innovation Services.

CUT Provides Innovation Services.. CUT forward-thinking 2020 vision birthed a legal entity, the Trust, aimed at catalyzing innovation and fostering sustainable growth. Through commercialization, fundraising, and intellectual property management, the Trust aims to fortify the university’s operational foundation.

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Agility and Market Access

To meet evolving market needs swiftly, the Trust prioritizes agility. This facilitates rapid market penetration, fosters strategic partnerships, and cultivates entrepreneurial acumen. Such initiatives empower communities and spawn Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), ensuring impactful socio-economic and technological progress.

Establishment of the Trust

The establishment of the Trust marks a strategic move by the university to diversify its revenue streams and create a sustainable financial model. Through commercialization efforts, intellectual property monetization, and fundraising initiatives, the Trust aims to generate additional income to support the university’s operations. Moreover, by leveraging its resources and intellectual capital, the Trust seeks to address key challenges faced by society and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

Key Objectives and Strategies

The Trust is committed to fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship within the university and its surrounding communities. One of its key objectives is to promote agile and quick reactions to market demands, enabling rapid market access and the development of partnerships with key stakeholders. Additionally, the Trust aims to promote entrepreneurial skills and self-empowerment among the communities it serves, leading to the creation of SMME spin-offs and other socio-economic benefits.


CUT Innovation Services, embodied by the Trust, not only propels the university’s operations but also serves as a beacon for socio-economic advancement. Its commitment to innovation and community empowerment heralds a promising future, locally and globally.

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