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CUT Provides Knowledge And Tools To Newly Appointed Academic Staff



CUT Provides Knowledge And Tools To Newly Appointed Academic Staff

CUT Provides Knowledge And Tools To Newly Appointed Academic Staff. The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) at the Central University of Technology (CUT) recently organized an induction programme at the Protea Hotel, Willow Lake, for newly appointed academic staff.

The programme aimed to provide essential knowledge and skills to both freshly appointed academics and established scholars, while acquainting them with CUT context and approach to teaching, learning, and assessment.

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Induction Programme Highlights

The induction programme, attended mostly by young academics, featured a team of over 15 experts, including support staff, academics, and academic leaders, who provided crucial support to help the attendees thrive in their academic pursuits. Professor Pamela Dube, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of CUT, graced the event with her presence and delivered a welcome message emphasizing the institution’s vision based on Ubuntu.

She highlighted the importance of engaging in teaching, research, and community engagement to create social and technological innovations that benefit society.

CILT Role in Academic Innovation

Led by Professor Ntsoaki Malebo, Senior Director of CILT, the induction ceremony was a highlight of CUT’s 20th-anniversary celebration. Professor Malebo emphasized CILT’s role in bringing innovation and creativity to the learning process, ensuring that students are well-equipped to face future challenges.

The event underscored CUT’s commitment to its Vision 2030 statement, positioning the university as Africa’s leading university of technology, shaping the future through innovation by 2030.

Support For Staff Development

CILT’s induction programme demonstrated CUT’s commitment to staff development, offering various initiatives such as PGDIP, SOTL, workshops, research funding, and mentoring opportunities. Faculty members were encouraged to embrace academic culture, enhance their skills, and build a robust academic community.

The three-day gathering showcased CUT’s strategic goals, including developing a strong research culture and attracting, developing, and retaining staff as the university’s most important asset.


The induction programme organized by CILT at CUT exemplifies the university commitment to equipping academic staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate academia successfully.

By providing essential knowledge, skills, and support, CUT is fostering a culture of academic excellence and innovation that will benefit both its staff and students.

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