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CUT Quiz Whizz Winner For The Fourth Time at Grey College



CUT Quiz Whizz Winner For The Fourth Time at Grey College

CUT Quiz Whizz Winner For The Fourth Time at Grey College. Mirror-mirror on the wall, who the smartest of them all…Grey College Secondary School learners took the cup for the fourth time at the CUT 21st annual High School Quiz Whizz competition. From left: Benson Wu, Ms Marlene Stoltz: Teacher, Hendrik Combrinck, Daniel Edwards, and from Grey College Secondary.

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Grey College Dominance

The Grey College Secondary School learners took the cup for the fourth time at the 21st annual High School Quiz Whizz competition hosted by the CUT Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology. This recurring victory not only highlights the exceptional talent and dedication of Grey College students but also solidifies their position as frontrunners in the academic sphere.

The Essence of Quiz Whizz

The Quiz Whizz competition is more than just a contest; it serves as a platform to ignite a passion for science, mathematics, and technology among students. Designed to be engaging and interactive, the quiz challenges participants to think critically, problem-solve, and think on their feet. It fosters not only intellectual growth but also confidence and teamwork skills, essential in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Promoting STEM Education

In an era dominated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the importance of STEM subjects cannot be overstated. The Quiz Whizz competition plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the significance of these subjects and their application in real-world scenarios. By encouraging participation and excellence in STEM-related activities, the competition contributes to shaping the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

Fierce Competition and Triumph

This year, six schools from Bloemfontein and Botshabelo areas competed fiercely in the Quiz Whizz competition, each vying for the coveted title. Despite facing formidable opponents, including Sand du Plessis and Sentraal High Schools, Grey College Secondary School once again emerged victorious. Their impressive performance in the finals showcased not only their depth of knowledge but also their strategic thinking and composure under pressure.

Rewards and Recognition

As a testament to their outstanding achievement, Grey College Secondary School, along with other participating schools, received certificates and prestigious floating trophies. Additionally, nine bursaries totaling R 97 500 were awarded, further incentivizing excellence in academics and STEM education.


Grey College Secondary School fourth consecutive triumph in the CUT Quiz Whizz competition is a testament to their academic prowess and dedication to excellence. By excelling in this prestigious competition, Grey College continues to inspire and motivate students to strive for greatness in academics and beyond.

As they celebrate their victory, they set a shining example for future generations, proving that with determination, knowledge, and teamwork, anything is possible.

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