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CUT Raises Awareness Of Mental Health On World Mental Health Day



CUT Raises Awareness Of Mental Health On World Mental Health Day

CUT Raises Awareness Of Mental Health On World Mental Health Day.On October 11, 2023, the Central University of Technology observed World Mental Health Day, extending the global event traditionally held on October 10. This commemoration aimed to foster an environment that prioritizes the mental well-being of students and staff, contributing to their overall success and happiness.

Through open dialogue and awareness initiatives, the university sought to address mental health issues and enhance mental health care globally.

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Professor Pamela Dube Insight

Professor Pamela Dube, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, highlighted the importance of such events in breaking the silence surrounding mental health and changing conversations within campuses, workplaces, and communities. She emphasized the significance of fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and promoting understanding of mental health issues.

Mental Health as a Universal Human Right

Under the theme “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right,” the university reiterated its commitment to creating awareness and sharing knowledge about mental health. It aimed to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, encouraging individuals to seek support and treatment before reaching a crisis point.

Key Presentations and Insights

The event featured presentations and discussions by various professionals, including Dr. Reynell van der Ross, Mrs. Gellinda Nkili, Mr. Matlhaku Metsing, and Prof. Hesta Friedrich-Nel. These sessions emphasized the importance of sharing personal stories and fostering a supportive environment to uphold mental health as a fundamental human right.

Advocate Louisa Zondo Perspective

Advocate Louisa Zondo, author of ‘Dearest MaRiky: A Mother’s Journey through Grief, Trauma, and Healing,’ shared her experiences to highlight the profound impact of traumatic grief on mental well-being. She stressed the power of sharing stories to initiate conversations and build connections, promoting healing and resilience.

Insights from Mr. Buti Manamela

Mr. Buti Manamela, Honorable Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, discussed mental health risks and protective factors at various societal levels. He emphasized the interconnectedness of global events and their influence on collective mental health, urging for a more empathetic and supportive approach to addressing mental health-related issues.


The Central University of Technology’s commemoration of World Mental Health Day underscored the importance of prioritizing mental health as a universal human right. Through open dialogue, awareness initiatives, and shared experiences, the event aimed to reduce stigma, promote understanding, and enhance mental health care for all.

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