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CUT Student Named Outstanding Student Leader for 2024



CUT Student Named Outstanding Student Leader for 2024

CUT Student Named Outstanding Student Leader for 2024. Mr Thembisile Tyopo, a second-year Electrical Engineering student at CUT, was awarded the 2024 WV de Wet Student Leader Excellence Award at the Enactus South Africa national competition. His leadership and dedication to community projects have significantly impacted marginalized communities.

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CUT Glorious Achievement

Mr Thembisile Tyopo, the 2019 WV de Wet Student Leader Excellence Award winner, has made the CUT community proud. His dedication to the Enactus program and community projects has earned him recognition as an exceptional leader.

CUT Impactful Leadership

Thembisile leadership extends beyond the classroom. He has led his team in various projects that have positively impacted communities. These projects, done in collaboration with local organizations and institutions, have improved the standard of living and quality of life for many.

CUT Recognition and Acknowledgment

The Enactus South Africa judging team praised Thembisile for his outstanding leadership and commitment to social entrepreneurship. His nomination and subsequent win were a testament to his dedication and passion for creating positive change in disadvantaged communities.

CUT Inspiring Others

Thembisile achievement serves as an inspiration to his peers and classmates. His message to them is clear: Enactus is a platform for personal development and community impact. He encourages others to get involved and make a difference.


Thembisile Tyopo win is a testament to his leadership, dedication, and commitment to making a difference. His achievements reflect the values of Enactus and serve as an inspiration to others. Congratulations to Thembisile and the entire Enactus-CUT team for this remarkable achievement.

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