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CUT Student Translates English Medical Terms Into Sesotho



CUT Student Translates English Medical Terms Into Sesotho

CUT Student Translates English Medical Terms Into Sesotho. Phidiso Moloantoa, a dedicated student pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Central University of Technology (CUT), recently showcased his commitment to linguistic diversity and medical accessibility by participating in a groundbreaking initiative.

This initiative, known as the national Lexicon project, unfolded in Cape Town, with the aim of translating complex English medical terminology into Sesotho, a language familiar to many in South Africa.

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Seizing Opportunities for Growth

Moloantoa seized the opportunity to broaden his intellectual horizons and hone his critical thinking skills when presented with the chance to contribute to the Pan South African Language Board’s (PanSALB) mission. PanSALB spearheaded meetings dedicated to the formidable task of rendering medical terms into Sesotho equivalents that resonate with Sesotho-speaking communities. Moloantoa aptitude for creative, critical, and logical thinking distinguished him during these deliberations.

Reflecting on the experience, Moloantoa acknowledges the challenges inherent in the task. “Although it sounds simple, it wasn’t an easy task to do,” he remarks. Engaging in extensive discussions with professionals and medical experts, Moloantoa and his peers navigated complexities, gaining invaluable insights along the way. “It was an opportunity to broaden our psychology and argument skills,” he reflects, underscoring the profound impact of the endeavor on his intellectual growth.

Gratitude and Recognition

Expressing gratitude towards his academic institution and the Department of Health, Moloantoa acknowledges the pivotal role they played in nurturing his academic and personal development. “I would love to thank the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences together with the Health Department for all they have decided to instil into our minds,” he acknowledges.

Moreover, he extends his appreciation to CUT for providing the platform to participate in initiatives that contribute to the socio-economic fabric of South Africa.

Empowering Learning Through Linguistic Diversity

The lexicon development project not only serves to bridge linguistic divides but also fosters an inclusive learning environment. By harnessing indigenous African languages, the initiative facilitates access to knowledge within various disciplines, including the intricate realm of medical sciences.

Moreover, it endeavors to enhance students’ comprehension of discipline-specific concepts by employing indigenous African language terminologies, thereby promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse linguistic and cultural heritage.


Moloantoa involvement in the translation of medical terms into Sesotho epitomizes the intersection of academic excellence, linguistic diversity, and social impact. As initiatives like the Lexicon project continue to unfold, they pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible future, wherein language is not a barrier but a bridge to knowledge and understanding.

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