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Deputy President Wins 2024 WV De Wet Student Leadership Award



Deputy President Wins 2024 WV De Wet Student Leadership Award

Deputy President Wins 2024 WV De Wet Student Leadership Award. Mr. Taelo Matlala, Enactus CUT Deputy President and third-year Mechanical Engineering student, received the 2024 WV de Wet Student Leader Excellence Award at Enactus South Africa National Competitions. His achievement underscores his remarkable dedication and Enactus CUT’s commitment to developing impactful leaders.

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Taelo Journey with Enactus CUT

Hailing from Limpopo, Taelo joined Enactus to drive meaningful change in communities under the mentorship of Enactus Faculty Advisors. With the support of advisors like Ms. Maraka Lefera, Professors Crispen Chipunza, and Patient Rambe, Taelo led the team in creating the Vermiculture Enterprise, Vermivillage. This project focuses on sustainable agriculture and Vermitechnology, empowering farmers and communities to become skilled worm farmers.

Impact and Recognition

The Vermiculture Enterprise has equipped community members with the skills needed for successful worm farming, introducing worm farming growers to the central region. Taelo’s project aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals, addressing environmental issues while promoting economic growth and social empowerment.

Enactus CUT Legacy of Leadership

Taelo’s recognition reflects Enactus CUT’s consistent cultivation of leadership, innovation, and social responsibility. The university has become a hub for young leaders, with past leaders like Thembisile Tyopo and Yanelisa Giyose also recognized nationally.

Enactus CUT Commitment to Excellence

Enactus CUT’s success is attributed to its unique experiential learning approach. Through hands-on projects, students like Taelo gain practical experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and teamwork, setting them apart as future leaders. As Enactus CUT continues to grow, its legacy of leadership remains a source of pride for the university and its students.


Taelo Matlala recognition as the recipient of the 2023 WV de Wet Student Leader Excellence Award highlights Enactus CUT commitment to nurturing leaders who make a difference. His journey with Enactus CUT and the Vermiculture Enterprise exemplifies the university’s dedication to fostering innovation, social impact, and leadership excellence.

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