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CUT Alumni Association Discusses Transformation



CUT Alumni Association Discusses Transformation

CUT Alumni Association Discusses Transformation. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) hosted an Alumni Workshop on 21 November 2024, focusing on CUT transformation agenda and its role in current transformation debates within the higher education sector. The workshop aimed to provide the Alumni Association with a platform to analyze CUT transformation challenges and explore ways the Association could support CUT vision.

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Facilitation by Mr Unathi Henama

The workshop was facilitated by Mr Unathi Henama, a tourism academic at the Tshwane University of Technology and a CUT alumnus. Henama is renowned for his research and commentary on South African issues, particularly those related to the tourism industry.

Insights from Prof. Percy Sepeng

Prof. Percy Sepeng, CUT Senior Manager for Institutional Transformation and Renewal, emphasized the importance of defining transformation for the university. He urged the Alumni Association to contribute significantly to facilitating and influencing CUT’s policy direction. Prof. Sepeng stated, “One of the key transformation agenda items is the effort to reverse past inequalities. We cannot redress these inequalities without challenging the status quo.”

Fundraising Strategies by Prof. Peter Thuynsma

Prof. Peter Thuynsma, an expert in fundraising and development within higher education, focused on the importance of fundraising and friend-raising. He emphasized the principle of “be prepared to give before you can get,” highlighting that fundraising should be seen as a return on investment.

Call for Alumni Representation by Mr Chabana Chabana

Mr Chabana Chabana, President of the CUT Alumni Association, emphasized the need for alumni representation at all strategic levels of the university. He highlighted the importance of community engagement and leadership, stating, “Part of our graduate attributes is community engagement and leadership. For us to be an active alumni association, we must engage our surrounding communities.”


The workshop provided a valuable platform for CUT’s Alumni Association to engage with transformation issues at the university. Alumni were encouraged to play a more active role in supporting CUT’s vision and fundraising efforts, particularly in light of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and potential reductions in government subsidies.

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