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Enactus CUT President Itumeleng Phoka Aims To Break Barriers



Enactus CUT President Itumeleng Phoka Aims To Break Barriers

Enactus CUT President Itumeleng Phoka Aims To Break Barriers. Itumeleng Phoka, a second-year Public Management student from Welkom Campus, assumes the role of Enactus CUT President, marking a significant milestone as the first president from Welkom Campus.

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The Rise of Itumeleng Phoka

Itumeleng Phoka’s appointment as Enactus CUT President for the 2023/24 financial year underscores a commitment to continuity and innovation. His background as a servant leader and involvement in various developmental initiatives positions him as a dynamic leader poised to propel the organization to greater heights.

Vision and Mission

Phoka’s vision is to foster sustainable enterprises among students, particularly at Welkom Campus, while prioritizing campus integration and maintaining Enactus CUT’s national championship status. His mission embodies continuity, excellence, and global recognition, with aspirations of securing the Enactus World Cup championship.

Contributions and Achievements

Phoka’s leadership extends beyond his presidential role, with notable contributions in enterprise operations, community engagement, and educational initiatives such as worm farming projects. His dedication and achievements underscore a commitment to holistic development and social impact.

The Enactus Journey

Phoka’s journey with Enactus reflects personal growth, exposure to diverse perspectives, and the realization of global possibilities. His experiences abroad have broadened his horizons and reinforced the collective power of youth-driven initiatives in effecting positive change.

The Enactus Dream

Driven by the ethos of Enactus and inspired by international counterparts, Phoka envisions impactful projects and global recognition for Enactus CUT. His determination to champion innovative solutions and improve lives resonates with his commitment to societal betterment and academic pursuits.

FAQS: Enactus CUT President Itumeleng Phoka Aims To Break Barriers

Q1:What is Enactus CUT?

Ans: Enactus CUT is a student-led organization at the Central University of Technology, focusing on entrepreneurship, community development, and impactful projects.

Q2: Who is Itumeleng Phoka?

Ans: Itumeleng Phoka is the incoming President of Enactus CUT, known for his dedication to community development and youth empowerment.

Q3:What is Phoka vision for Enactus CUT?

Ans: Phoka aims to expand ventures, empower students, integrate campuses, and maintain Enactus CUT’s national championship status while fostering sustainable enterprises.


Itumeleng Phoka’s presidency heralds a new chapter for Enactus CUT, characterized by continuity, innovation, and a commitment to social impact. As the first president from Welkom Campus, Phoka’s leadership embodies resilience, vision, and the collective aspirations of the Enactus community.

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