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Entrepreneurial Matriculants of The Year 2024 CUT Young Entrepreneurs



Entrepreneurial Matriculants of The Year 2024 CUT Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Matriculants of The Year 2024 CUT Young Entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial Matriculant of the Year Competition, hosted by the Central University of Technology in collaboration with Standard Bank South Africa and Central Media Group, celebrated its third successful year on October 16, 2023. This event not only recognizes young entrepreneurial talent but also serves as a platform for fostering innovation and inspiring the next generation of South African business leaders.

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The Significance of the Competition

The competition serves as a catalyst for change, promoting self-learning, offering real-world experience, and igniting inspiration in the minds of young entrepreneurs. In a country facing significant skills shortages and unemployment challenges, initiatives like this are crucial for nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth and driving economic growth.

The Vision and Partnership

The partnership between the organizing entities aims to nurture entrepreneurial thinking by providing training and mentorship to young aspiring business leaders. The success of South Africa’s economy depends on the visionary ideas and determination of its youth, and initiatives like EMYC play a vital role in preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

Exceptional Winners and Their Ventures

Among the participants, five outstanding young entrepreneurs emerged as winners, showcasing their innovative business ideas and determination to succeed. Each winner received cash prizes and full bursaries to study at the Central University of Technology, further empowering them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

  • Kgalalelo Daniels from Brebner High School clinched the first prize with his innovative mobile car cleaning service, “On the Go Detailing/Carwash,” which also includes an educational component.
  • Teboho Leqela from Ipopeng Secondary School secured the second prize with his creative photography business, “TLQ Media,” specializing in landscape and nature photography.
  • Beaulah Shaw from Oranje Meisieskool won the third prize for her business, “Vitalite Oil Candle Stove,” offering a safer and cost-effective alternative for cooking and heating.
  • Oreratile Dinoke from Selokisa Finishing School claimed the fourth prize with her educational podcast, “Schooling on Air,” aimed at helping learners understand school novels better.
  • Lanelle Newton from Oranje Meisieskool was recognized for her business, Kraai River Products (KRP), which provides affordable farm produce to low-income communities.


While these five entrepreneurs stood out with their remarkable ventures, the competition also highlighted numerous other talented individuals who displayed creativity and determination. The collaborative efforts of all involved parties ensure that initiatives like EMYC continue to empower and inspire young South African entrepreneurs, paving the way for a brighter future.

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