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Fostering a Conducive Teaching Culture is Important to CUT



Fostering a Conducive Teaching Culture is Important to CUT

Fostering a Conducive Teaching Culture is Important to CUT. Culture plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning environment at universities. At the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), the focus is on creating an effective and collaborative learning approach.

On 02 October 2024, the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology organized a teaching culture seminar. The seminar aimed to provide a platform for academics to explore innovative ways of fostering a teaching culture within the faculty.

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Keynote Address

The keynote speaker, Prof. Yusuf Waghid, a distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Education at Stellenbosch University, emphasized the importance of a caring, iterative, and hospitable approach to teaching. He argued that for a teaching culture to flourish, teachers must be committed to nurturing student capabilities and encouraging them to think critically and independently.

Prof. Waghid philosophy on teaching culture revolves around three interconnected notions: caring, iterations, and hospitality. He believes that teachers should create opportunities for students to exercise their intelligence and engage autonomously. According to Prof. Waghid, a caring teacher encourages students to act, investigate, explore, and develop new ideas. Teachers should present justifications for their truth claims, and students should listen and then debate publicly what they have learned. This engagement is essential for meaningful learning to occur.

Other Presentations

  • Prof. Isaac Ntshoe discussed disciplinary styles and the scholarship for teaching and learning in the south narratives. He emphasized the need for educators to understand and adapt their teaching styles to meet the diverse needs of students.
  • Dr. Rosaline Sebolao focused on influencing teaching culture for enhanced student success through the development of academic employees. She highlighted the importance of continuous professional development for educators.
  • Prof. James Swart highlighted the importance of the scholarship of teaching and learning in fostering a teaching culture. He emphasized the need for educators to critically examine their teaching practices, make them public, and seek feedback for improvement.


Fostering a conducive teaching culture is crucial for student success. By embracing innovative teaching methods and promoting a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, CUT is paving the way for a more effective and student-centered learning environment.

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