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ICT Undergraduate Programmes At A Glance 2024 At CUT



ICT Undergraduate Programmes At A Glance 2024 At CUT

ICT Undergraduate Programmes At A Glance 2024 At CUT. CUT stands as a prominent higher education institution in South Africa, comprising two campuses in Bloemfontein and Welkom. Established in 1981, it has evolved into a university of technology, offering diverse programs in STEM, management sciences, humanities, and education.

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Growth and Restructuring

From its inception with 285 students, CUT has burgeoned to over 21,000 students, emphasizing work-integrated learning. In 2004, it embraced university of technology status, organizing its offerings into four faculties, expanding from certificates and diplomas to advanced degrees.

Vision 2030 ICT Undergraduate Programmes

CUT aspires to be a leading African University of Technology, shaping the future through innovation. Rooted in social relevance, it emphasizes indigenous knowledge, a de-colonized curriculum, and distinctive African values like ubuntu. The vision projects a transformative role by 2030.

Strategic Objectives ICT Undergraduate Programmes

Aligned with stakeholder input, CUT’s mission, values, motto, and graduate attributes underpin seven strategic objectives. The university aims to be an active force for change, fostering innovation and addressing societal challenges.

Research and Innovation ICT Undergraduate Programmes

CUT leads in research and innovation, particularly in additive manufacturing for medical implants. Notable research units include CRPM, PDTS, CAFSaB, ULCS, and the Unit for Drug Discovery. Its contributions extend to initiatives like MEDADD, enhancing the local medical device industry.

Internationalization ICT Undergraduate Programmes

In response to global imperatives, CUT focuses on internationalization, forging partnerships with SADC, Germany, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, and China. This initiative ensures students are globally aware and industry-ready.

Fundraising and Development ICT Undergraduate Programmes

CUT Fundraising and Development Unit strives to engage with regional and national development matters, fostering intellectual contributions and partnership projects for technological and social innovations.

Commitment to Excellence ICT Undergraduate Programmes

CUT remains dedicated to academic excellence, contributing significantly to socio-economic development. As a preferred local, national, and international partner, it plays a pivotal role in regional and national economies.

Leadership Charter ICT Undergraduate Programmes

CUT emphasizes excellent, quality, and inspirational leadership through its Leadership Charter, outlining the expectations for managers to lead by example and exhibit appropriate behavior in discharging their duties.

Institutional Profile ICT Undergraduate Programmes

The Institutional Profile provides a comprehensive overview of CUT, encompassing student demographics, academic metrics, success rates, and benchmarking with other universities of technology.


CUT’s journey from a modest start in 1981 to a leading African University of Technology reflects its commitment to innovation, excellence, and societal impact. As it continues to evolve and contribute to global knowledge, the institution stands poised for a transformative role in the years leading up to 2030.

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