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Mid-Year Assessments For Future CUT Graduates



Mid-Year Assessments For Future CUT Graduates

Mid-Year Assessments For Future CUT Graduates. The Central University of Technology (CUT) is actively promoting student success through the successful completion of mid-year assessments. As an institution committed to academic excellence, CUT wishes to inform students and the community that physical assessments are proceeding as planned on both campuses.

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Ensuring Academic Integrity

CUT is a full-contact institution, distinguishing itself from distance learning institutions. Therefore, CUT does not accredit examinations conducted outside its status as a full-contact institution. With the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, virtual classes and assessments have been suspended, aligning with CUT’s commitment to academic integrity.

Preparation and Support for Students

Management has diligently prepared for the mid-year assessments to ensure their smooth execution. Furthermore, to safeguard the constitutional rights of all students participating in physical assessments, CUT management has implemented several protective measures.

Assistance for NSFAS-Funded Students

NSFAS-funded students facing unresolved accommodation challenges are encouraged to submit written submissions to the relevant faculty deans for assistance.

A Message from Management

Prof. Alfred Ngowi, CUT’s acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, expressed confidence in the students’ eagerness to excel in their studies. He extended his best wishes to all students for the upcoming examinations, acknowledging their determination to complete their studies successfully.


The Central University of Technology’s commitment to student success is evident through its efforts to ensure the smooth running of mid-year assessments. The institution’s dedication to academic integrity and support for its students reflect its ongoing mission to foster excellence in education.

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