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Postgraduate students at CUT

Postgraduate students at CUT. Postgraduate students at CUT receive robust support for scholarly and scientific inquiry, fostering research development and innovation. This support encompasses various programs, resources, and guidance provided by the university.

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Postgraduate students at CUT Programs and Resources

  • Ten postgraduate research programs offer diverse opportunities for advanced study and investigation.
  • Research clusters facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary research initiatives.
  • Important documents such as the Research Development and Postgraduate Studies Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and a Resource Guide for Senior Degree Study Supervision are available to guide students and supervisors.

Postgraduate Experience

Understanding the postgraduate experience involves navigating through various steps and stages, supported by Assistant Deans specialized in Research, Innovation, and Engagement across different faculties and units.

Contact Information

Assistant Deans are available via email and telephone to provide guidance and direction:

  • Prof. Yali Woyessa (Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology)
  • Prof. Tshepiso Makhafola (Health and Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr. Alfred Modise (Humanities)
  • Prof. Crispen Chipunza (Management Sciences)

FAQS: Postgraduate students at CUT 

Q1:What postgraduate research programs are available at CUT?

Ans: CUT offers ten diverse postgraduate research programs, providing students with opportunities for advanced study and research across various disciplines.

Q2:How can I access support from Assistant Deans for Research, Innovation, and Engagement?

Ans: Assistant Deans specializing in different faculties and units are available to provide guidance and direction. You can reach out to them via email or telephone for assistance tailored to your research inquiries.

Q3:What resources are available to postgraduate students for research development?

Ans: Postgraduate students at CUT have access to a range of resources, including important documents such as the Research Development and Postgraduate Studies Strategic Plan, a Resource Guide for Senior Degree Study Supervision, and newsletters. Additionally, the university provides exclusive postgraduate study spaces equipped with network points and access to computer labs, facilitating a conducive environment for research and study.


Postgraduate support at CUT extends beyond academic programs, encompassing resources, guidance, and personalized assistance to ensure a fruitful research journey for students and supervisors alike. With dedicated assistance and comprehensive resources, postgraduate scholars thrive in their scholarly pursuits at CUT.

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