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Residence and Accommodation Officer, SRC



Residence and Accommodation Officer, SRC

Residence and Accommodation Officer, SRC. Boitumelo Teisi, the Residence and Accommodation Officer for the Student Representative Council (SRC), brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role. Graduating with a Diploma in Human Resources, Boitumelo is dedicated to ensuring that students at our university have a comfortable and supportive living environment.

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Boitumelo Teisi Background and Qualifications

Boitumelo Teisi is a highly qualified professional with a strong background in human resources. Her diploma has equipped her with the skills necessary to effectively manage the residence and accommodation needs of students. Boitumelo’s expertise in HR ensures that she approaches her role with a focus on efficiency, fairness, and professionalism.

Boitumelo Teisi Role as SRC Residence and Accommodation Officer

As the SRC Residence and Accommodation Officer, Boitumelo Teisi plays a crucial role in ensuring that students have access to safe, affordable, and comfortable accommodation. She works tirelessly to address any concerns or issues that students may have regarding their living arrangements, and she is committed to creating a positive and inclusive living environment for all.

Boitumelo Teisi Commitment to Student Welfare

Boitumelo Teisi is deeply committed to the welfare of students. She understands the challenges that students face when it comes to finding suitable accommodation, and she is dedicated to providing support and assistance to ensure that every student has a place to call home. Boitumelo passion for student welfare is evident in her work, and she is always willing to go above and beyond to help students in need.


Boitumelo Teisi is a valuable member of our university community. Her dedication to student welfare and her expertise in human resources make her an ideal choice for the role of SRC Residence and Accommodation Officer. Students can rest assured that Boitumelo is working hard to ensure that their accommodation needs are met, allowing them to focus on their studies and enjoy their time at university.

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