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Students At CUT Are Commissioned To Create An APP For The University



Students At CUT Are Commissioned To Create An APP For The University

Students At CUT Are Commissioned To Create An APP For The University. The Department of Information Technology and ICT and Computer Services at the CUT commemorated International Programmers Day on 13 September 2022 by engaging senior IT students.

The celebration aimed to honor programmers and innovators for their contributions to simplifying lives in business, government, and industry through innovative programming solutions.

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Project Commissioning

Under the leadership of Prof. Muthoni Masinde, Head of the Department of Information Technology, 28 senior female IT students were commissioned to conceptualize and develop an ICT-related solution in the form of a mobile app. This app is envisioned to serve as a communication tool, fostering connectivity among prospective students, current students, staff, and alumni of the university. This initiative is part of the students’ Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program, providing them with practical experience in addressing real-world organizational challenges.

Importance of Programming

Prof. Alfred Ngowi, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, emphasized the crucial role of programmers globally in developing technological solutions across various sectors. He highlighted the significance of encouraging more young women to actively participate in the digital transformation agenda of the university.

Hackathon Event

To facilitate the development process, a hackathon will be organized, allowing groups of senior students to collaborate intensively to conceive and present the student-driven solution app to a panel of experts.

Student Perspective

Participating students expressed excitement and inspiration for the initiative, noting the absence of such an app at the university currently. They anticipate that the app will streamline communication channels and enhance their student experience.


The initiative to develop a university communication app led by senior IT students underscores CUT’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved connectivity and student engagement. Through practical experiences like these, students are not only enhancing their skills but also contributing to the digital advancement of the university community.

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