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Students at CUT Participate in 2024 Collaborative Online International Learning



Students at CUT Participate in 2024 Collaborative Online International Learning

Students at CUT Participate in 2024 Collaborative Online International Learning. CUT students from various faculties engaged in the 2023 COIL module, contributing to intercultural understanding and international collaboration.

The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), recently celebrated the achievement of 242 students who excelled in the 2023 Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project. This initiative, supported by European funding, promotes intercultural understanding and internationalization through online collaboration. Participating as part of the IKUDU consortium, comprised of South African and European universities, CUT embraced the opportunity to enhance its educational landscape through global engagement.

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Key Findings: Students at CUT Participate in 2024

The COIL project is designed to internationalize the curriculum, incorporating indigenous knowledge, Africanization, decolonization, and local context, thus fostering internationalization within participating institutions. By participating in such initiatives, CUT reaffirms its dedication to shaping a future of education characterized by collaboration, innovation, and global citizenship.


Dr. Ntsoaki Malebo, Senior Director at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, emphasized that the COIL certificate signifies more than just academic achievement; it represents personal growth, professional development, and the significance of global collaboration. Graduates are encouraged to embrace technology, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility, essential qualities in a rapidly globalizing world.

Mahadi Molaoa and Keketso Shekeshe, reflecting on their COIL experience, described it as transformative and informative. Despite challenges like load shedding and language barriers, they leveraged digital platforms to connect with students from the Netherlands. The exchange underscored the value of diversity and the limitless pursuit of knowledge, transcending geographical boundaries.


COIL exemplifies a pedagogical approach that fosters intercultural communication, digital literacy, and collaborative learning across borders. CUT’s involvement in such initiatives not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Through projects like COIL, the university continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, innovation, and global citizenship.

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