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Workplace Breakfast Held to Appreciate CUT Alumni Women



Workplace Breakfast Held to Appreciate CUT Alumni Women

Workplace Breakfast Held to Appreciate CUT Alumni Women. The Central University of Technology hosted an event on 23 August 2023, focusing on Alumni Women in the Workplace. The event aimed to address challenges faced by women, such as access to education, unemployment, gender-based violence, and workplace discrimination.

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Engaging Women in the Workplace Challenges

Prof. Pamela Dube, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, emphasized the university’s commitment to developing women. She highlighted the Next Generation Women in Leadership (nGenWil) program, designed to promote gender equality and empower women for leadership positions. The program aims to build a pool of high-performing women employees, providing them with skills and support to compete fairly for leadership roles.

Developing Women for the Future

Prof. Tryna van Niekerk, Professor in Government Management, discussed developmental opportunities for women in the workplace. She encouraged women to seize available opportunities, highlighting past restrictions on women pursuing certain careers due to misconceptions about their abilities.

Addressing Gender Stereotypes

Matlhodi Leeuw, CEO and founder of Tenacious Concepts Labour Agency, emphasized the impact of gender stereotypes and societal expectations on women. She stressed the importance of addressing unconscious biases and promoting gender equality through policy implementation and cultural change.

The event showcased the achievements of women in the CUT community, encouraging them to share their profiles on official platforms for recognition and celebration.


The workplace breakfast provided a platform for engaging discussions on gender equality and empowerment. By acknowledging and addressing challenges faced by women, the event highlighted the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.

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