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A CUT Scholar Shares His Remarkable Academic Journey



A CUT Scholar Shares His Remarkable Academic Journey

A CUT Scholar Shares His Remarkable Academic Journey. Prof. Crispen Chipunza is a distinguished scholar renowned for his expertise in human resource management. His academic journey includes a Doctorate from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, postgraduate diplomas from Stellenbosch University, and multiple degrees from the University of Fort Hare.

With over 25 years of experience in higher education, Prof. Chipunza has mentored numerous students and conducted groundbreaking research on deviant behaviors in businesses. His contributions to academic journals and book chapters are widely acclaimed.

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Academic Achievements and Qualifications

Prof. Chipunza’s academic journey is marked by exceptional achievements and qualifications. He obtained a Doctorate in Human Resource Management from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Additionally, he holds two postgraduate diplomas from Stellenbosch University, one in HIV/AIDS Management in the Workplace (cum laude) and another in Monitoring & Evaluation.

He also holds several degrees from the University of Fort Hare, including Honours and two Masters: Industrial Psychology and in Public Administration.

Professional Experience and Contributions

With qualifications from several prestigious universities, Prof. Chipunza has over 25 years of experience in the higher education sector, where he has inspired and mentored dozens of Masters and PhD students. His research has explored deviant behaviors within small and large businesses, and his contributions to academic journals and book chapters have been widely recognized.

Prof. Chipunza’s remarkable work in solving human resource management and organizational behavior issues has been a source of inspiration for his students in class and many organizations and individuals in the small business sector.

Impact Beyond Academia

Prof. Chipunza’s impact extends beyond academia. He has diverse work experience, including industry roles, working for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and holding Head of Department and Research Manager positions in the higher education sector. He is currently an Assistant Dean of Research, Innovation, and Engagement.

For more than 14 years, Prof Chipunza has been a Faculty Advisor for a student organization called Entrepreneurial Action for Others, Creates a Better World Us All (ENACTUS) and has played an instrumental role in the success of the Enactus CUT team over the years.

Contributions to the Academic Community

He has made remarkable contributions to the academic community, playing a significant role in establishing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Central University of Technology (CUT) and the Great Zimbabwe University.

In addition, he was an essential member of the CUT team that successfully obtained funding for a project aimed at promoting sustainable natural resource utilization and enhancing biodiversity conservation through research capacity building, along with two other universities.

Recognition and Professional Memberships

He is an experienced and respected reviewer of NRF applications and papers for numerous journals. His professional memberships and registration as an industrial psychologist further demonstrate his expertise and dedication to his field.

Prof. Crispen Chipunza remarkable academic journey and contributions to the field of human resource management make him a respected figure in academia and a source of inspiration for students and professionals alike


Prof. Crispen Chipunza journey exemplifies dedication, innovation, and leadership in the field of human resource management. Through his research, mentorship, and collaborative efforts, he continues to shape the future of academia and inspire generations of scholars.

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