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Additive Manufacturing (3D Technology) Has Established CUT As a Global Leader



Additive Manufacturing (3D Technology) Has Established CUT As a Global Leader

Additive Manufacturing (3D Technology) Has Established CUT As a Global Leader. Central University of Technology (CUT) has solidified its position as a global leader in Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D Technology. This technology is pivotal for advancing South Africa’s manufacturing industry, particularly in the realm of medical devices.

Through its Centre for Rapid Production and Manufacturing (CRPM), CUT is propelling the manufacturing sector in Central South Africa.

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Driving Innovation with MEDADD

One of CUT standout initiatives is the Medical Device Additive Manufacturing Technology Demonstrator Project (MEDADD) at its Bloemfontein Campus. Supported by a R71 million investment from the Department of Science and Innovation, this project epitomizes collaborative innovation.

It unites CUT’s CRPM with industry stakeholders to develop locally manufactured medical devices using Additive Manufacturing. This endeavor aims to reduce the country’s reliance on costly imported medical devices, thus enhancing the affordability and accessibility of such critical equipment in local hospitals.

Creating African Solutions for South African Challenges

The MEDADD project is just one facet of CUT broader efforts to address local challenges with innovative solutions. By leveraging government funding, CUT is pioneering African solutions for South African issues. This approach not only improves the cost, availability, and accessibility of medical devices but also fosters economic growth in the region.

Impactful Contributions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The CRPM facility at CUT demonstrated its exceptional capabilities during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. It was instrumental in developing and manufacturing high-quality FMP2 Clinician respirators to support the Free State Department of Health. This accomplishment underscored the province’s prowess in product development, showcasing its potential for future endeavors.


CUT commitment to Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the medical field positions it as a key player in South Africa’s manufacturing landscape. Through initiatives like MEDADD, CUT is not only advancing technology but also fostering economic growth and addressing critical healthcare needs in the region.

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