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Science Validates Traditional Medicine at CUT



Science Validates Traditional Medicine at CUT

Science Validates Traditional Medicine at CUT. Traditional African medicine has long been undervalued despite being the foundation of many modern pharmaceuticals. Dr. Idah Tichaidza Manduna, a senior researcher at the Centre for Applied Food Sustainability and Biotechnology (CAFSaB), is spearheading efforts to validate the efficacy of these medicines through scientific evidence.

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The Historical Context

Historically, traditional medicine was often dismissed in scientific circles due to the lack of written records and scientific evidence. However, Dr. Manduna highlights that many modern drugs, such as Aspirin and various cancer treatments, are derived from medicinal plants.

CUT Scientific Validation

Dr. Manduna research at CAFSaB aims to provide scientific backing for the use of traditional medicines in treating diseases. Her work has significantly contributed to improving the reputation of traditional medicines in scientific communities.

CUT Personal Advocacy

Dr. Manduna is a proud advocate for indigenous medicines and vegetables, emphasizing their cultural and historical significance. Her background as a Biology teacher and her focus on botany have equipped her with the knowledge to champion these causes effectively.

CUT Impact and Concern

Dr. Manduna efforts have led to a greater understanding and appreciation of indigenous medicine, resulting in more people utilizing and marketing these resources. However, she expresses concerns about the equitable distribution of benefits, noting that knowledge holders often do not benefit from the commercialization of medicinal plants.


Dr. Manduna work exemplifies the importance of scientific validation in recognizing the value of traditional African medicine. Through her research and advocacy, she is helping to bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern scientific understanding, paving the way for a more integrated approach to healthcare.

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