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An Alumnus Of CUT Uses His Artistic Skills To Fight Crime



An Alumnus Of CUT Uses His Artistic Skills To Fight Crime

An Alumnus Of CUT Uses His Artistic Skills To Fight Crime. Rassilas Motse  affectionately known as Ras, intertwines his artistic prowess with a noble cause, combating crime. Recently chosen by Lamborghini South Africa to commemorate their 60th anniversary, Ras exemplifies a modern-day hero.

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The Artistic Journey Of CUT

Ras’s journey commenced with a degree in Fine Arts, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Today, he navigates between diverse artistic realms, from street art to corporate commissions, leaving his mark in galleries worldwide.

A Dual Identity Of CUT

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Ras serves as a Warrant Officer in the South African Police Service, specializing in facial forensic analysis. His role extends beyond conventional crime fighting, as he utilizes his craft to aid in justice and closure for victims.

Art as a Catalyst for Change

Driven by a desire to evoke emotions and inspire societal shifts, Ras’s art transcends aesthetic boundaries. He champions causes ranging from climate change to human rights, fostering connections and sparking dialogue through his creations.


Ras Motse epitomizes the convergence of artistry and altruism, utilizing his talents to illuminate social issues and enact positive change. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of creativity in addressing the world’s challenges.

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