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Apply Now for the Cut Short Course That Still Has Space for 2024



Apply Now for the Cut Short Course That Still Has Space for 2024

Apply Now for the Cut Short Course That Still Has Space for 2024 Kindly be informed that the deadline for Full Research Master’s and Doctoral Studies applications remains open until March 15, 2024.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes 2024

Subject codes for tables below






Mathematic Literacy


Life Orientation


Physical Sciences




Life Sciences




Agricultural Sciences


Information Technology




Consumer Sciences


Business Studies


Hospitality Studies

Tips for reading the CUT programme page

Discover our comprehensive range of programmes conveniently organized on a single page. The tables provide essential information:

Programme Details

  • NQF Level, Qualification Type, and Duration.
  • Learn how long you’ll spend studying and the type of qualification you’ll earn.

Minimum Points (APS)

  • Find the minimum points (APS) required for each programme.
  • While CUT’s general minimum is 27, some programmes may have higher requirements.
  • Aim for more than the minimum to enhance your chances, especially in competitive programs.

Subject-Specific Achievement

  • Understand the minimum level of achievement required for each school subject (e.g., M for Maths, E for English).
  • The points corresponding to your percentage in a subject are listed at the table’s top.
  • Calculate your APS by adding the points earned in individual subjects (e.g., 4 + 3 + 4).


  • Achieving the minimum is not always sufficient, as some programs may have limited spaces and prioritize higher APS scores.
  • Strive to exceed the minimum requirements for a competitive edge in the selection process.

2024 Applications at CUT 

The application period for 2024 at the Central University of Technology concluded on 30 September 2023. Given the high volume of applications, neither late submissions nor walk-in applications will be accepted. Please check your application status accordingly.

Still need to apply?

Starting on Friday, January 26, 2024, until Sunday, March 31, 2024, the Central Application Clearing House (CACH) system sign-up service will be active. This system serves as a referral platform for unsuccessful applicants, guiding them toward career development opportunities and, when feasible, connecting them with remaining openings in public universities, TVET colleges, or SETA learnerships.

Eligibility for sign-up is extended to learners who have completed Grade 12 from the year 2000 onward.

Late Application Submission Guidelines at CPUT

Online Applications  No Charge

All applications must be submitted through the online platform.

 Choose Programs and Special Requirements

  • Pick from the available programs.
  • Refer to the 2024 prospectuses to ensure you meet minimum admission and subject requirements: Step 1: Choose a qualification and special requirements – CPUT

Gather Documents or Upload Further|Outstanding Documents

  • Access important documentation information
  • Note:
  • Minor applicants require a Minor Application Declaration.
  • Include additional supporting documentation for specific programs.
  • Follow the specified format for online submission of supporting documentation.
  • Adhere to any other details provided on this page.

Submit Online Application and Supporting Documentation

  • Follow the link for guidance on submitting your application online: Step 4: Online application – CPUT
  • Review information on the page.
  • Consult the step-by-step guide for completing the online application.
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions on this page.
  • For online assistance, contact the Call Centre (details provided above).


The Central University of Technology’s Full Research Master’s and Doctoral Studies application deadline extends to March 15, 2024. Detailed tips for reading the program page and late application guidelines at CPUT provide valuable insights for prospective applicants. Stay informed and adhere to specified requirements.


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