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Short Learning Programme 2024 Application CUT



Short Learning Programme 2024 Application CUT

Short Learning Programme 2024 Application CUT. It seems like there might be a typo or misunderstanding in your question. It appears as “what iscut Application For Short Learning Programme 2024.” If you meant to ask about the “UCT Application for Short Learning Programme 2024,” I can provide information based on what I know.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) or any other university may offer Short Learning Programmes (SLPs), which are non-degree courses designed to provide specific skills or knowledge in a relatively short period. If UCT is offering short learning programmes in 2024, individuals interested in applying would typically follow a similar application process to that of degree programs.

You may need to check the official UCT website or contact the university directly for accurate and up-to-date information on short learning programmes, including the application process, requirements, and deadlines.

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What documents should I have ready for the application cycle?

Current Matriculants

  • Upload Final Grade 11 results or Grade 12 June results.

Already Matriculated Applicants

  • Upload certified ID and Senior Certificate.

Higher Qualifications than Matric

  • Upload certified ID, Senior Certificate, your qualification(s), and study record.

Postgraduate Applicants

  • Before applying online, consult the Head of the Department/Assistant Deans, Research Innovation and Engagement to discuss research projects for Masters or Doctorate studies.
  • For additional details, refer to the Postgraduate Studies section.

Application to the CUT is free

Beware of individuals claiming to aid in the application process for prospective students at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT). The official application process outlined here is the only valid method.

Any request for money to facilitate the application is a scam.

There is no application fee, and no authorized consultants are designated to assist with the application.

Ensure awareness of legitimate fees for registration, bursaries, loans, and tuition. Stay vigilant against fraudulent activities and rely solely on the official application process provided by CUT.

Getting ready to apply?

Explore a diverse range of programs available at UKZN tailored to various academic interests and career paths.

Residential Facilities

Discover comfortable and secure living spaces provided by UKZN’s residences, fostering a conducive environment for academic and personal growth.

Financial Assistance  NSFAS

Access information about the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) to support your academic journey at UKZN.

Apply Online

New Applicants

If you have never submitted an application to the Central University of Technology, this marks your initial application. Re-application is necessary for each academic year, as application statuses do not carry over. Ensure to update your existing record with current information. Attach documents if certain fields cannot be modified. Re-application is also required if you did not complete a previous year of study.

Continuing Students at CUT

For registered students planning to embark on a new program of study, applying again is mandatory. Even as a continuing student, applying ensures proper consideration for the desired new academic endeavor.

Need more information?

  • For assistance, please contact
  • the Center for International Students

Need help with your application?

Are you having trouble with your system PIN or student number?

Several inquiries have been received regarding PIN and/or student number for the application system. A guide has been written to assist you.

Update Your Address and Contact Information Easily

Encountering difficulties while changing your address or contact details? Download the “How to Change Contact Details” guide in PDF format, available since May 10, 2023.

Enhanced Security with iEnabler 2FA

Wondering about iEnabler 2FA? It’s an added layer of security for your iEnabler account. Simply, iEnabler 2FA introduces an extra security step during the login process.

To access your account, you’ll need to enter a unique verification code sent to your phone, in addition to your password. When logging into iEnabler, activate 2FA when prompted for an increased level of security.

How to Apply Online for 2024

Access the Guide

  • Download the comprehensive system guide in PDF format, available since May 5, 2023.

Thorough Reading

  • Carefully read each step outlined in the guide to understand the application process thoroughly.

Proceed with Caution

  • Take your time and proceed slowly and deliberately through each step.
  • Making alterations to your application is intricate; ensure accuracy and completeness.

Time Allocation

  • Set aside dedicated time to complete the application process without rush.

Careful Execution

  • Execute each step with care, considering the importance of accuracy in your application details.

Note of Caution

Understand that modifying your application involves a complex process; exercise caution throughout.

Important Reminder

  • Ensure meticulous attention to detail to avoid errors.
  • The application process demands careful handling; make sure to adhere to the instructions provided.


Follow this step-by-step guide diligently to navigate the intricate online application system. Set aside dedicated time, proceed cautiously, and make changes with precision to ensure a successful application process.

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