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Autumn Graduation Ceremony 2024



Autumn Graduation Ceremony 2024

The Autumn Graduation Ceremony 2024 at the Central University of Technology, Free State, is a momentous occasion for the university community. Scheduled to take place from 04 – 11 April 2024, the ceremony will honor the hard work and dedication of our graduates.

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Notice Regarding Graduation Documents

It is crucial for all potential graduates to ensure that they have submitted all required documentation to the Academic Structure and Student Enrolment Services. Failure to do so will result in the removal of their names from the list of graduates, and they will not be able to graduate.

Final Clearance Documentation

Candidates should also ensure that they have all the necessary final clearance documentation from relevant departments/units. Failure to provide this documentation may result in the removal of their names from the graduation list. Candidates are advised to check with the following units/departments to ensure that all documentation is in order:

  1. Assessment and Graduation
  2. Student Accounts, Bursaries, and Loans
  3. Academic Structure and Student Enrolment Services

Reasons for Exclusion from the Graduation List

If your name does not appear on the graduation list despite submitting all required documentation, please check your subject results. Ensure you have completed the following English proficiency subjects:

  1. English Proficiency PRE1A – Semester 1
  2. English Proficiency PRE2B – Semester 2;
  3. English Proficiency PRE10 (year subject alternative to the semester subjects)

Candidates must have completed both semester subjects or the year subject. Check your subject results at the faculty/department or the Assessment and Graduation Unit.

Important Contacts and Lists

The final lists of graduates were published on 28 February 2024. For specific programme lists and contacts, please refer to the information below:

Here is the information formatted into a table for the Bloemfontein Campus:

Faculty List Date Contact Email
Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology 2024-02-28 (PDF) IT:
Mathematics and Physical Sciences:
All other Engineering:
Humanities 2024-02-28 (PDF) SP and FET:
Design and Studio Art:
BEd Hons and PGCE:
Health and Environmental Sciences 2024-02-28 (PDF) E-mail:
Management Sciences 2024-02-28 (PDF) Business Management:
Business Support Studies:
Postgraduate Diplomas in Entrepreneurial Management:
Advanced Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation:
Accounting and Auditing:
Hospitality Management:
Government Management:
Tourism and Event Management:
Postgraduate students (Masters and Doctoral):

Welkom Campus

Faculty List Email
Engineering, Built Environment 2024-02-28 (PDF)
Humanities 2024-02-28 (PDF)
Management Sciences 2024-02-28 (PDF)
Postgraduate students N/A


The Autumn Graduation Ceremony 2024 at the Central University of Technology, Free State, is a momentous occasion honoring the hard work of our graduates. It is crucial to submit all required documentation to avoid exclusion from the graduation list. Congratulations to all the graduates on this significant achievement!


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