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Building Administration CUT ZR Mahabane



Building Administration CUT ZR Mahabane

Building Administration CUT ZR Mahabane. All suppliers affiliated with CUT are required to register on the National Treasury CSD immediately. Starting August 1, 2020, CUT will only engage with suppliers registered on the CSD with an “active” status. Registrations can be completed online . For inquiries, contact

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Financial Administration at CUT

The Financial Administration department at the Central University of Technology (CUT) is tasked with providing comprehensive financial services to support the institution’s operational processes and financial performance.

Primary Functions Administration at CUT

Financial Control and Reporting

The unit oversees budgetary control, expenditure management, asset management, procurement, and financial reporting. It reports to the CUT Council and the Ministry for Higher Education and Training on financial matters impacting the university.

Administration of Financial Aid to Students

This unit provides support to students through bursaries and loans, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and ensure equal access to education.

Promotion of Efficiency

Focused on enhancing financial efficiency across all university functions, this unit also manages debt recovery and implements Responsibility Accounting, particularly for business units and cost centers.


The notice emphasizes the importance of supplier registration on the National Treasury‚Äôs Central Supplier Database for engagement with CUT. Additionally, the Financial Administration department plays a critical role in managing the university’s finances, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and support for students’ financial needs.

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