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Social Networks at Central University of Technology Free State



Social Networks at Central University of Technology Free State

Social Networks at Central University of Technology Free State. Connect with Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) through various official and academic social network channels. Uphold the institution’s values of Ubuntu, Integrity, Diversity, Innovation, and Excellence in all interactions.

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Official Channels Social Networks at CUT

Stay updated with the latest campus news, events, and opportunities through CUT’s official channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Newsroom, and RSS Feed.

Academic Channels

Engage with specialized academic content on ResearchGate, specialized Facebook pages and groups, and various student support and research groups.

CUT Share

Explore internship, bursary, career, and opportunity offerings through CUT Share and the CUT Idea Generator.

Living the CUT Integrity Value

CUT encourages its community to disassociate from unaffiliated Facebook groups and pages that engage in hate speech, racism, profanity, violence incitement, and misinformation, as they do not align with the university’s values.


To maintain CUT’s integrity and reputation, the university will not engage with content from unaffiliated groups/pages. Enquiries or complaints about such content should be directed to the group admins.

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