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Centre For Rapid Prototyping And Manufacturing (CRPM) at CUT



Centre For Rapid Prototyping And Manufacturing (CRPM) at CUT

Centre For Rapid Prototyping And Manufacturing (CRPM) at CUT.The Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) situated at the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) specializes in Additive Manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing. Established in 1997, CRPM serves both commercial and research purposes, focusing on Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, Rapid Tooling, and Medical Product Development technologies.

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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

CRPM employs AM technologies, facilitating direct translation from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to physical prototypes/models. These prototypes aid product/industrial designers in form and function testing, along with final prototype production prior to tooling commencement. CRPM offers prototype manufacturing in plastic, metal, and sand.

Medical Product Development

CRPM plays a crucial role in medical product development, exemplified by the process involved in creating prostheses for medical implants. This process encompasses digital prosthesis design, Additive Manufacturing utilizing Direct Metal Laser Sintering, and the production of final prototypes.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

CRPM boasts ten AM machines, establishing itself as one of the most well-equipped AM centers in the Southern Hemisphere. Its facilities offer a comprehensive range of AM technologies and cater to diverse industries.


The CRPM at CUT stands at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing innovation, providing advanced technologies and expertise to support various industries, including engineering, medical, and product design. Located in Bloemfontein, Free State, its state-of-the-art facilities contribute significantly to research and commercial endeavors in AM.

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