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Central University of Technology Banking Details 2024



Central University of Technology Banking Details 2024

Central University of Technology Banking Details 2024. In an effort to streamline financial transactions and ensure the security of funds, the Central University of Technology (CUT) encourages its students to utilize its designated banking details for all monetary transactions. Direct deposits into the university’s bank account not only facilitate smoother processes but also mitigate the risks associated with handling large sums of cash on campus.

Why Direct Deposits Matter

Direct deposits offer a convenient and secure way for students to manage their financial obligations to the university. By transferring funds directly into CUT’s bank account, students eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash, reducing the likelihood of loss or theft. Additionally, direct deposits expedite the processing of payments, allowing for faster confirmation and clearance of fees and charges.

Central University of Technology Banking Details 2024

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account Name: Central University of Technology, FS
  • Branch Name: Bloemfontein OFS 171
  • Branch Code: 230134
  • Account Number: 62684987418
  • Account Type: Cheque Account

How to Use the Banking Details

When making payments to the university, students should ensure that they include their student or ID number as the reference. This ensures accurate and timely allocation of funds to their respective accounts. Whether it’s tuition fees, accommodation costs, or any other financial obligation, adhering to the provided banking details streamlines the payment process and minimizes the risk of errors or misallocations.

Benefits of Direct Deposits

Embracing direct deposits offers numerous benefits for both students and the university alike. From the students’ perspective, it provides added convenience, enhanced security, and faster processing times. On the university end, it simplifies administrative tasks, reduces the handling of physical cash, and improves overall financial management.


As the Central University of Technology strives to optimize its financial operations, students play a crucial role in adopting efficient payment methods. By utilizing the provided banking details for direct deposits, students contribute to a safer, more streamlined financial ecosystem within the university. Embracing this approach not only benefits individual students but also enhances the efficiency and security of financial transactions campus-wide.

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