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CUT Library and Information Services

CUT Library and Information Services. In the pursuit of academic excellence and the realization of its strategic objectives, the Central University of Technology (CUT) places significant emphasis on its Library and Information Services (LIS). The LIS is dedicated to providing a conducive learning environment equipped with cutting-edge resources, technological infrastructure, and expert support to facilitate teaching, learning, and research endeavors at CUT.

Vision: Empowering Innovation through Digitalization

The LIS envisions an information ecosystem that fosters innovation and intellectual growth through comprehensive digitalization. By leveraging advanced technologies and embracing evolving trends, the LIS aims to create a dynamic environment that empowers students, faculty, and researchers to excel in their academic pursuits.

Mission: Commitment to Excellence

In alignment with its vision, the LIS is committed to:

  • Academic Partnership: Collaborating with faculty members to ensure access to up-to-date information resources that augment teaching, learning, and research activities.
  • Digital Transformation: Delivering contemporary and professional services through the digitally transformed LIS infrastructure, thereby enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Core Values: Guiding Principles of Excellence

Rooted in the core values of Ubuntu, Integrity, Diversity, Innovation, and Excellence, the LIS upholds the following values advocated by professional associations:

  • Leadership Excellence: Striving for leadership excellence within the LIS profession to set industry standards and benchmarks.
  • Ethical Practice: Upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of operations and service delivery.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Acknowledging and respecting the diversity and individuality of all users while ensuring inclusivity in service provision.
  • Freedom of Access: Promoting freedom of access to information as enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, thereby fostering an informed society.
  • Culture of Learning: Championing the culture of reading and lifelong learning to contribute to the development of an informed nation.
  • National Development: Committing to the development and growth of South Africa through excellence in librarianship and information services.

Bloemfontein Campus: Navigating the Library

At the Bloemfontein campus, the library building is strategically organized across four floors, each catering to specific needs and services:

Ground Floor: Gateway to Resources

  • Circulation Desk: Serving as the primary point of contact for borrowing, returning, and general inquiries, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Study Spaces: Providing 24-hour study venues equipped with amenities for approximately 400 students, fostering a conducive environment for academic endeavors.
  • Information Services: Offering interlibrary loan services and access to digital resources to supplement the LIS collection, enhancing research capabilities.
  • Short Loan Collection: Housing essential materials for in-library use, supported by dedicated staff for assistance during and after office hours.

First Floor: Knowledge Hub

  • Main Book Collection: Housing an extensive array of resources, complemented by a reference section and online catalog for easy accessibility.
  • Information Services Section: Offering expert guidance in navigating information resources and facilitating research endeavors.
  • Faculty Support: Providing specialized assistance from faculty librarians for training, referencing, and information retrieval, ensuring comprehensive support for academic pursuits.

Second Floor: Technology Hub

  • Postgraduate Research Commons: Exclusive space for postgraduate students and researchers, equipped with resources and facilities tailored to advanced academic pursuits.
  • Electronic Resource Access Centre: Offering access to computers, databases, and digital tools essential for academic research and information literacy training.
  • Disability Support: Ensuring accessibility for all users through wheelchair-accessible facilities and accommodations.

Third Floor: Administrative Hub

  • LIS Offices: Housing administrative staff and support personnel, facilitating efficient operations and service delivery.
  • Art Gallery: Serving as a cultural hub for exhibitions, seminars, and events, enriching the academic experience beyond traditional boundaries.

Welkom Campus: Extending Services

At the Welkom campus, the LIS extends its core collections and support services to accommodate the needs of teaching, learning, and research, both in print and electronic formats. A dedicated Faculty Librarian is available to provide personalized support and guidance, further enhancing the academic experience.


The Library and Information Services at CUT serve as a cornerstone of academic excellence, providing comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and innovative solutions to support the diverse needs of the university community. By embracing digitalization, fostering inclusivity, and upholding professional standards, the LIS remains committed to empowering individuals and advancing knowledge dissemination in pursuit of academic and societal progress.

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