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Commemoration of World Mental Health Day at CUT



Commemoration of World Mental Health Day at CUT

Commemoration of World Mental Health Day at CUT. The Central University of Technology (CUT) observed World Mental Health Day on 11 October 2023, promoting dialogue and awareness about mental health among students and staff.

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Importance of the Event Commemoration of World Mental Health

The event aimed to create a nurturing environment prioritizing well-being, contributing to success and happiness. It emphasized open dialogue to reduce stigma and improve mental health care globally.

Prof. Pamela Dube Perspective Commemoration of World Mental Health

Professor Pamela Dube, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, highlighted the event’s significance in fostering dialogue and raising awareness about mental health issues, aiming to change conversations and break the silence.

Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

This year’s theme underscores CUT’s commitment to mental health awareness and actions safeguarding mental well-being as a fundamental human right. The event aimed to reduce stigma and encourage seeking support before crises.

Notable Speakers and Discussions

Advocate Louisa Zondo shared her journey through grief, emphasizing the power of storytelling and connection in coping with traumatic experiences. Other speakers highlighted the importance of mental health in society and the impact of global events on mental well-being.

FAQS: Commemoration of World Mental Health Day at CUT

Q1:What is World Mental Health Day?

Ans: World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October each year to raise awareness and promote mental health education globally.

Q2:Why is mental health important?

Ans: Mental health is crucial for overall well-being, affecting how people think, feel, and act, and influences how they handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Q3:How can I support someone with mental health issues?

Ans: Supporting someone with mental health issues involves listening without judgment, offering reassurance and encouragement, and helping them access professional help if needed.


The commemoration of World Mental Health Day at CUT was a significant event that emphasized the importance of mental health awareness, dialogue, and support, highlighting that mental health is a universal human right that should be prioritized in all aspects of society.

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