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CUT and PwC Business Ethics Awards 7th Annual



CUT and PwC Business Ethics Awards 7th Annual

CUT and PwC Business Ethics Awards 7th Annual. The 7th annual Business Ethics Awards, a collaborative effort between PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Department of Accounting and Auditing at the Faculty of Management Sciences, celebrated ethical awareness and excellence among accountancy students. The event aimed to shed light on unethical practices prevalent in both public and private sectors.

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A Platform for Ethical Discourse

Hosted by the passionate Ms Nandi Lubbe, the Business Ethics IV (BNE41AB) course forms a vital part of all BTech programs offered by the Department of Accounting and Auditing. This compulsory module requires students to engage in a formal presentation as part of their semester assessment.

Working in teams, students delve into real-world ethical dilemmas, requiring them to think innovatively, stay updated with current affairs, manage time efficiently, and engage in meaningful debates.

Enhancing Ethical Decision-Making Skills

Ms Lubbe emphasized the project’s objective of equipping students with the necessary skills to navigate ethical challenges in the workplace. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical scenarios, students develop a profound understanding of societal and environmental complexities.

The course covers topics such as ethical decision-making, resolving dilemmas, social responsibility, and corporate governance, fostering the development of essential soft skills like communication and self-promotion.

Acknowledging Excellence

A distinguished panel of judges comprising faculty members, University of the Free State representatives, and PwC experts specializing in governance and business ethics evaluated and selected the winning teams and the best presenter. The awards ceremony provided students with networking opportunities and valuable insights from industry experts, enhancing their prospects for future employment and work-integrated learning opportunities.

Inspiring Words from Industry Leaders

Mr. Gerhard Geldenhuys, Director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Central Region, encouraged students to lead by example and utilize their experiences to effect positive change in their communities. The winning teams and the best presenter were awarded certificates and cash prizes sponsored by PwC, recognizing their outstanding contributions to ethical discourse.

Celebrating Excellence

The 2019 Best Presenter award went to Kebogile Mokodutlo from The Invincible Six group, who presented on Corporate Espionage. Her achievement, along with the success of the winning teams, highlights the dedication and commitment of students in promoting ethical practices in both academic and professional spheres.


The 7th Annual PwC and CUT Business Ethics Awards showcased the commitment of students and industry professionals to ethical practices. Through engaging presentations and insightful discussions, the event underscored the importance of ethics in today’s business landscape, inspiring future leaders to uphold integrity and responsibility in their careers.

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