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Ambassador of The United States visits CUT to Establish New Collaborations



Ambassador of The United States visits CUT to Establish New Collaborations

Ambassador of The United States visits CUT to Establish New Collaborations. On April 24, 2024, the Central University of Technology (CUT) welcomed a delegation from the United States embassy, including Ambassador to South Africa Reuben E. Brigety II and Consul General Vincent Spera. The visit aimed to explore and strengthen potential collaborations between CUT and U.S. institutions, focusing on research initiatives and academic partnerships.

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Engaging with CUT Leadership

During their visit, the U.S. delegation engaged with CUT’s executive team, including Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof. Pamela Dube, Registrar Dr. Sally Dzingwa, Prof. Alfred Ngowi, DVC of Research Innovation and Engagement, and Jeff Ladenson, Public Affairs Officer. They also toured the university’s research centers and witnessed some of the innovative projects underway.

Commitment to Advancing Knowledge

In her welcome address, Prof. Pamela Dube highlighted the importance of the partnership, stating, “This is a testament to our shared commitment in advancing knowledge and fostering global citizenship.” CUT’s engagement with U.S. institutions goes beyond collaboration; it aims to create a lasting impact on both academic and societal levels.

Existing Partnerships and Future Collaborations

CUT is already a member of the Texas International Education Network and has partnerships with prestigious institutions like the University of Illinois, the University of Western Kentucky, Georgia State University, and the University of Nebraska. New connections have been established with the University of Western Carolina.

One notable collaboration is with Florida International University on an Online Learning project within the Faculty of Humanities, specifically in the Department of Design and Studio Art. Additionally, CUT is actively participating in a Tech for Humanity Conference hosted by Virginia Tech University, aiming to establish the Tech for Humanity Center of Excellence at CUT.

Beneficiary of U.S. Education Funded Programs

CUT has benefited from various U.S. Education funded programs, supporting academic professors, support staff, and student leadership. These include Fulbright Visiting Fellowships, the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship program, US AID research projects, and leadership programs, among others. These programs have not only enriched the academic experience at CUT but also contributed to the professional development of its faculty and staff.

Round Table Discussion on Future Collaborations

The visit culminated in a round table discussion between CUT executives and the U.S. delegates to identify possible areas of collaboration. The discussions focused on leveraging each other’s strengths to address global challenges and create opportunities for students and researchers.


The visit of the U.S. delegation marks a significant step towards strengthening the relationship between CUT and U.S. institutions, paving the way for future collaborations and mutual learning opportunities.

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