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CUT Making Huge Leaps With a Giant!



CUT Making Huge Leaps With a Giant!

CUT Making Huge Leaps With a Giant!. The Central University of Technology (CUT) is embarking on a new chapter of its journey with the inauguration of Dr. Vincent Maphai as Chancellor. This appointment comes at a crucial juncture as CUT celebrates its 20th anniversary since becoming a University of Technology.

Dr. Sally Dzingwa, the Registrar, warmly welcomes Dr. Maphai to this pivotal role, recognizing the immense potential for growth and development that his leadership signifies for the institution.

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The Significance of the Appointment

Dr. Maphai inauguration is not merely a ceremonial event; it symbolizes a strategic move towards greater excellence and innovation at CUT. With universities facing numerous challenges, including governance in the digital age, funding constraints, and student engagement, Dr. Maphai experience and leadership are poised to guide CUT towards solutions and success.

His appointment comes at a time when universities worldwide are grappling with these challenges, making his role even more crucial in shaping CUT’s future.

CUT Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

As CUT commemorates two decades of existence, it is a time for reflection and celebration. The journey of the past two decades has been marked by growth, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. Dr. Dzingwa extends her wishes for a joyous anniversary to the entire CUT community, acknowledging the contributions of staff and students in making CUT a respected institution of higher learning.

CUT Looking Ahead

With Dr. Maphai at the helm, CUT is poised to make significant strides in various areas. His leadership will be instrumental in navigating the challenges that lie ahead, including ensuring relevance in a competitive landscape and fostering strong partnerships with industry for student placements. Dr. Maphai leadership is a beacon of hope for CUT, inspiring confidence in its ability to thrive in the years to come.


In inaugurating Dr. Vincent Maphai as Chancellor, CUT is embracing a new era of leadership and possibility. Dr. Maphai’s appointment signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring that CUT remains at the forefront of higher education in South Africa and beyond. As the university celebrates its 20th anniversary, there is a sense of optimism and excitement for the future, with Dr. Maphai leading the way towards continued success and growth.

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