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CUT Kicks Off The Waste Management Project



CUT Kicks Off The Waste Management Project

CUT Kicks Off The Waste Management Project. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT), is taking significant strides towards transforming into a smart campus. One of the key initiatives driving this transformation is the implementation of SMART Bins. These innovative bins are poised to revolutionize waste management on campus, improving recycling efficiency, waste control, environmental protection, and eliminating the issue of overflowing bins and associated odours.

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The Evolution of the SMART Bin Project

The SMART Bin project is a product of CUT broader Smart Campus initiative, which aims to enhance sustainability practices and reduce the university’s carbon footprint. According to Prof. Herman Vermaak, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology, SMART Bins are equipped with sensors that can detect the fill-level of the bin and sort waste based on categories.

These intelligent bins are powered by solar energy and are designed to hold a considerable amount of waste, thereby minimizing the risk of overflowing.

How the SMART Bins Work

The sensors in the SMART Bins trigger at a pre-set level, indicating that the bin is full. This information is then transmitted via an app to the control room, which coordinates the collection of waste. This innovative approach not only streamlines waste management but also enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

Attracting Recycling Partners and Collaborators

Dr. Gary Paul, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Resources and Operations, revealed that CUT has already attracted interest from recycling partners who see the potential of the SMART Bin project. The university has also engaged with the office of the Premier, which has expressed interest in partnering with CUT as part of its Smart City initiatives. This collaboration underscores CUT’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its desire to actively participate in the Circular Economy.

Engaging Students in Sustainable Practices

Recognizing the importance of behavioral change in tandem with technological advancements, CUT is actively engaging students in the SMART Bin project. As Dr. Paul explains, “There is a lot of behavioral changes that need to take place in order to match the technological enhancement and advancement, but as we engage with our students and get them involved, we will achieve our goal.”

The Road Ahead

The SMART Bin project has been in progress for five weeks, with plans to distribute the bins across the campus. With the support of recycling partners, government collaborators, and an engaged student body, CUT is poised to make a significant impact in waste management and environmental sustainability.


The Central University of Technology, Free State SMART Bin initiative exemplifies the university’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, CUT is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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